Teams John North played for

Main FCSussex (1990-1993)
Main ListASussex (1990-1995)
Under-19 ODIEngland Young Cricketers (1990)
Under-19 limited oversEngland Young Cricketers (1990)
Second Eleven ChampionshipSussex Second XI (1989-1995)
 Surrey Second XI (1995-1996)
 Northamptonshire Second XI (1996)
 Nottinghamshire Second XI (1997)
Second Eleven TrophySussex Second XI (1989-1995)
 Nottinghamshire Second XI (1997)
County ChampionshipSussex (1990-1993)
MiscellaneousSussex Under-16s (1987)
 Sussex Second XI (1988-1995)
 Sussex Cricket Association (1989)
 National Association of Young Cricketers (1989)
 National Cricket Association Young Cricketers (1989)
 National Association of Young Cricketers South (1989)
 Sussex (1990-1993)
 Northamptonshire Second XI (1996)




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