Teams Lee Marland played for

Main ListAWarwickshire Cricket Board (2002)
Minor Counties ChampionshipCheshire (1998-1999)
Second Eleven ChampionshipLancashire Second XI (1993-1996)
 Nottinghamshire Second XI (1994)
 Derbyshire Second XI (1998)
Second Eleven TrophyLancashire Second XI (1993-1996)
 Nottinghamshire Second XI (1994)
 Derbyshire Second XI (1998)
Central Lancashire LeagueMiddleton (1995-1996)
Birmingham Premier LeagueKnowle and Dorridge (2002-2007)
MiscellaneousLancashire Cricket Federation Under-19s (1993-1994)
 National Association of Young Cricketers North (1994)
 Headmasters' Conference Northern Schools (1994)
 National Association of Young Cricketers (1994)
 Lancashire (1995)
 Cheshire County Cricket League (1997)
 Knowle and Dorridge (2003-2005)
 Dinton (2010-2013)




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