First-class Bowling On Each Ground by Samuel Redgate

Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood16970101997-?1.66 124
Trent Bridge, Nottingham131789462435-3614.43 20
The Forest New Ground, Nottingham52938126204-?9.69 00
Royal New Ground, Brighton3880136596-?9.06 51
Barker's Ground, Leicester244775157-?25.00 21
Old County Ground, Town Malling2341446226-?9.20 21
Beverley Ground, Canterbury19600104-?? 00
White Hart Field, Bromley240011-?? 00
Parker's Piece, Cambridge000155-?? 21
Burton-on-Trent000138-?? 21
Phillip's Field, Bromley000126-?? 21
Hyde Park Ground, Sheffield00062-?? 00
Day's (Antelope) Ground, Southampton000116-?? 21




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