Teams Peter Plummer played for

Main FCNottinghamshire (1969-1972)
Main ListANottinghamshire (1969-1972)
Minor Counties ChampionshipBuckinghamshire (1973-1977)
 Nottinghamshire Second XI (1966)
Second Eleven ChampionshipNottinghamshire Second XI (1966-1972)
Warwick Pool Under 25Nottinghamshire Under-25s (1972)
Lancashire LeagueBurnley (1973-1978)
Lancashire League Worsley CupBurnley (1973-1976)
Liverpool Premier LeagueLiverpool (1973-1975)
County ChampionshipNottinghamshire (1969-1972)
MiscellaneousNational Association of Young Cricketers South (1964)
 Nottinghamshire Under-23s (1967)
 Nottinghamshire Club and Ground (1968-1972)
 Nottinghamshire (1970-1972)




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