Teams Frederick Newman played for

Main FCSurrey (1919-1921)
Other FCHDG Leveson-Gower's XI (1919)
 Sir J Cahn's XI (1929/30-1936)
Minor Counties ChampionshipBedfordshire (1912-1924)
 Surrey Second XI (1920)
County ChampionshipSurrey (1919-1920)
MiscellaneousBedford Modern School (1909-1912)
 Leicestershire Second XI (1914)
 Surrey Second XI (1919)
 London and Southern Counties Club Cricket Conference (1922-1923)
 Bedfordshire (1923)
 North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League (1924-1926)
 Sir J Cahn's XI (1927-1941)
 Nottinghamshire (1942-1944)
 Eastern Counties (1942)




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