First-class Bowling in Each Season by George Lane

Season BallsMdnsRunsWktsBBAve5wI10wM
1880(United States of America)2421463107-256.30 11
1881(England)216218764-3214.50 00
1883(United States of America)222305497-266.00 10
1884(United States of America)80530106128-628.83 11
1885(United States of America)217148033-3926.66 00
1886(United States of America)130121933-196.33 00
1890(United States of America)13086833-6822.66 00
1892(United States of America)12547411-7474.00 00
1893(United States of America)10055333-4017.66 00
1894(United States of America)5612919685-6424.50 10




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