Teams Derek Walker played for

Main FCOtago (1980/81-1987/88)
Main ListAOtago (1980/81-1988/89)
Other FCNew Zealand Cricket Council President's XI (1987/88)
Minor Counties ChampionshipCambridgeshire (1984)
Second Eleven ChampionshipNottinghamshire Second XI (1980)
 Worcestershire Second XI (1981-1984)
Warwick Pool Under 25Worcestershire Under-25s (1981-1983)
New Zealand Provincial A TournamentOtago Second XI (1982/83)
Plunket ShieldOtago (1980/81-1987/88)
MiscellaneousOtago Under-23s (1979/80-1980/81)
 Worcestershire Club and Ground (1981)
 League Cricket Conference (1988)




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