Nottinghamshire List A Matches played on Edgbaston, Birmingham (28)

31st August 1969 Player's County League 1969  Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea269
25th April 1970 Gillette Cup 1970 1st RoundWarwickshire v Nottinghamshirea296
11th July 1971 John Player League 1971  Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea557
30th July 1972 John Player League 1972  Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea793
12th May 1974 John Player League 1974  Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea1133
10th July 1974 Gillette Cup 1974 2nd RoundWarwickshire v Nottinghamshirea1226
27th June 1976 John Player League 1976  Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea1728
23rd July 1978 John Player League 1978  Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea2246a
8th July 1979 John Player League 1979  Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea2476
18th July 1979 Gillette Cup 1979 2nd RoundWarwickshire v Nottinghamshirea2491
23rd August 1981 John Player League 1981  Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea3100
28th August 1983 John Player Special League 1983  Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea3821
14th July 1985 John Player Special League 1985  Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea4516
12th July 1987 Refuge Assurance League 1987  Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea5337
5th June 1988 Refuge Assurance League 1988  Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea5692
17th September 1989 Refuge Assurance Cup 1989 FinalEssex v Nottinghamshirea6227
22nd July 1990 Refuge Assurance League 1990  Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea6661
30th April 1992 Benson and Hedges Cup 1992 Group CWarwickshire v Nottinghamshirea7520
26th July 1992 Sunday League 1992  Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea7673
14th August 1994 AXA Equity and Law League 1994  Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea8770
7th July 1996 AXA Equity and Law League 1996  Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea9941
9th May 1998 Benson and Hedges Cup 1998 Group AWarwickshire v Nottinghamshirea11167
25th May 1998 AXA League 1998  Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea11207
31st May 2000 Norwich Union National League 2000 Division 2Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea12749
2nd August 2001 Norwich Union League 2001 Division 1Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea13626
1st September 2002 Norwich Union League 2002 Division 1Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea14512
18th June 2006 Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy 2006 North DivisionWarwickshire v Nottinghamshirea17486
24th July 2007 NatWest Pro40 League 2007 Division 1Warwickshire v Nottinghamshirea18294
20th April 2008 Friends Provident Trophy 2008 Midlands GroupWarwickshire v Nottinghamshirea18947a
4th September 2010 Clydesdale Bank 40 2010 Group CWarwickshire v Nottinghamshirea20753




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