Kensington Oval, Bridgetown - Highest Team Totals in first-class cricket

753Barbados v Jamaica1951/52f19466
749-9dWest Indies v England2008/09f51474
726-7dBarbados v Trinidad1926/27f11848
715-9dBarbados v British Guiana1926/27f11842
698Barbados v Trinidad1948/49f18205
686-6dBarbados v British Guiana1949/50f18603
668Australia v West Indies1954/55f20832
657-8dPakistan v West Indies1957/58f22106
650-3dBarbados v Trinidad1943/44f16912
650-6dAustralia v West Indies1964/65f25720
623-5dBarbados v Trinidad1919/20f9547
606-7dBarbados v Indians1952/53f19901
605-9dAustralia v West Indies2002/03f47269
601Marylebone Cricket Club v Barbados1934/35f14852
600-6dEngland v West Indies2008/09f51474
597-8dMarylebone Cricket Club v West Indies1925/26f11453
596-8dWest Indies v England1973/74f30039
579-9dWest Indies v Pakistan1957/58f22106
578-5dMarylebone Cricket Club v Barbados1967/68f27151
573West Indies v Australia1964/65f25720
564-8West Indies v New Zealand1971/72f29096
563-8dWest Indies v England1959/60f23036
560-7dMarylebone Cricket Club v Barbados1929/30f12969
559-9dBarbados v British Guiana1965/66f26160
559Trinidad v Barbados1926/27f11848
557-7dBarbados v West Indies B2001/02f46497
555Barbados v Combined Leeward and Windward Islands1979/80f33014
552-7dGuyana v Barbados1974/75f30534
552-7dBarbados v Guyana1980/81f33423
548-9dSouth Africa v West Indies2004/05f48639
542Barbados v Indians1982/83f34570
541Trinidad and Tobago v Barbados1978/79f32523
539-8dBarbados v British Guiana1958/59f22602
538England Lions v Barbados2010/11f52954
536-9dWest Indies v Australia1990/91f39294
533-5dBarbados v Marylebone Cricket Club1959/60f23023
531Barbados v Guyana2007/08f50563
522-8dBarbados v EW Swanton's XI1955/56f21225
521-8dBarbados v Jamaica1966/67f26670
520-6dBarbados v Marylebone Cricket Club1912/13f8754
518Australians v Barbados1972/73f29539
517Barbados v RS Lucas' XI1894/95f4172
514-4dBarbados v Marylebone Cricket Club1947/48f17800
513Marylebone Cricket Club v Barbados1929/30f12965
511-4dMarylebone Cricket Club v West Indies Board President's XI1973/74f29979
511Barbados v Combined Leeward and Windward Islands1976/77f31519
511Australians v Barbados1977/78f32001
510West Indies v Australia1954/55f20832
509West Indies v Australia1983/84f35142
506Barbados v Pakistanis1957/58f22096
502-9dBarbados v Trinidad and Tobago2002/03f47175
501-5dWest Indies v India1970/71f28626




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