Kensington Oval, Bridgetown - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

313-6Sri Lanka v West Indies2003a15149
312-4West Indies v Sri Lanka2003a15149
301-9England v West Indies2006/07a18180
300West Indies v England2006/07a18180
293-5England v West Indies1997/98a11069
289-3Leeward Islands v Barbados1984/85a4309
289-5Guyana v Barbados1995/96a9483
289-6Leeward Islands v Barbados1993/94a8571
288Barbados v Leeward Islands1984/85a4309
284-6South Africa v West Indies2004/05a16613
283-6Australia v West Indies1990/91a6953
283West Indies v South Africa2004/05a16613
281-4Australia v Sri Lanka2006/07a18190
279-7Barbados v Windward Islands2012/13a22543
277West Indies v England1997/98a11069
276-3Barbados v Windward Islands1985/86a4714
267-9West Indies v England1997/98a11076
266England v West Indies1997/98a11076
265-3West Indies v New Zealand1984/85a4368
263-5Barbados v Trinidad and Tobago1986/87a5184
262-5England v West Indies2003/04a15876
261-4Barbados v Windward Islands1991/92a7407
261-6West Indies v England2003/04a15876
259-4Trinidad and Tobago v Barbados1986/87a5184
257West Indies v Australia1994/95a9128
255Barbados v Leeward Islands1993/94a8571
253-6Australia v West Indies1998/99a11868
252-6Jamaica v Barbados1986/87a5189
252-9Australia v West Indies1998/99a11876
251-6Australia v West Indies1994/95a9128




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