Middlesex Benefit Seasons

1877G Howitt
1892G Burton
1897T Hearne
1899J Phillips
1903JE West
1905G Burton
1907AE Trott
1909JE West
1911JT Rawlin
1914FA Tarrant
1922HR Murrell
1923EH Hendren
1925JW Hearne
1927HW Lee
1929FJ Durston
1931EH Hendren
1932JW Hearne
1935EH Hendren (Testimonial)
1938WFF Price
1939GE Hart (Joint benefit with JHA Hulme), JHA Hulme (Joint benefit with GE Hart)
1948LH Gray
1949DCS Compton
1950JM Sims
1951JDB Robertson
1952JA Young
1953SM Brown
1954LH Compton
1955HPH Sharp (Joint benefit with AW Thompson), AW Thompson (Joint benefit with HPH Sharp)
1959JDB Robertson
1962AE Moss
1963FJ Titmus
1966JT Murray (raised 8,010 pounds)
1968RW Hooker (raised 5,500 pounds)
1969WE Russell (raised 8,005 pounds)
1970PH Parfitt (raised 10,000 pounds)
1972JSE Price (raised 9,810 pounds)
1973FJ Titmus (raised 6,196 pounds)
1974AH Latchman (Testimonial. Raised 1,486 pounds)
1975JT Murray
1976MJ Smith (raised 20,000 pounds)
1977CT Radley (raised 26,000 pounds)
1978JM Brearley (raised 31,000 pounds)
1979NG Featherstone (raised 30,000 pounds)
1981D Bennett (Testimonial)
1982MWW Selvey
1983PH Edmonds (raised 80,000 pounds)
1984GD Barlow
1985WW Daniel
1986JE Emburey
1987CT Radley
1988MW Gatting
1989RO Butcher
1990PR Downton
1991SP Hughes
1992Middlesex Youth Trust
1993NG Cowans
1994NF Williams
1995JE Emburey (Testimonial)
1996MW Gatting
1997ARC Fraser
1998KR Brown
1999PCR Tufnell
2000MR Ramprakash
2002PN Weekes
2003MA Roseberry (Testimonial)
2007DC Nash
2008OA Shah
2009AJ Strauss
2015TJ Murtagh



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