Highest Partnerships Against Middlesex By Oxford University

1154 WG Keighley & HA PawsonThe University Parks, Oxford1947f17557
2152 AJ Webbe & AH HeathPrince's Cricket Ground, Chelsea1876f1958
3131 RR Montgomerie & CL KeeyThe University Parks, Oxford1992f39898
4207 DR Worsley & MAK PataudiThe University Parks, Oxford1961f23685
5177 FM Buckland & AD GreeneLord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood1877f2035
6165 R Briggs & WH GamePrince's Cricket Ground, Chelsea1876f1958
7340 KJ Key & H PhilipsonChiswick Park, Chiswick1887f3146
872 BCJ Bettington & VR PriceThe University Parks, Oxford1922f10144
989 VR Price & HWF FranklinThe University Parks, Oxford1921f9840
1053 PB Fisher & RI EddingtonThe University Parks, Oxford1976f31040
115 Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood1880f2299



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