Highest Partnerships Against Middlesex By Cambridge University

1167 DS Sheppard & KPA MathewsFP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge1951f19151
2215 DS Sheppard & PBH MayFP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge1951f19151
3186 Majid Khan & DR Owen-ThomasFP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge1971f28651
4220 JPC Mills & SP HendersonFP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge1982f34034
5148 DR Pringle & RJ Boyd-MossFP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge1980f33034
6145*KS Duleepsinhji & TC LongfieldFP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge1927f11879
769 VR Lumsden & W Knightley-SmithFP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge1953f19945
894 RWJ Howitt & JWS PiperFP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge2000f45114
9149*BJK Pryer & RD PearsallFP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge1948f17895
1048*FCM Alexander & CN McCarthyFP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge1952f19577



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