Most Wickets in a Season for Middlesex

158FJ Titmus1955
154AE Trott1900
150AE Trott1899
145JT Hearne1893
143CIJ Smith1934
143JM Sims1939
142JA Young1952
139JA Young1947
136CIJ Smith1937
136JA Young1951
133RWV Robins1929
131FA Tarrant1914
131JA Young1949
129JT Hearne1898
127FJ Titmus1962
126JM Sims1949
125FJ Titmus1961
123FA Tarrant1907
123FA Tarrant1910
123JW Hearne1920
120JM Sims1947
119JT Hearne1894
118JT Hearne1891
118JT Hearne1896
118JA Young1953
118AE Moss1960
117IAR Peebles1929
117FJ Titmus1960
116JT Hearne1910
116FA Tarrant1913
114JW Hearne1914
114AE Moss1961
113FJ Titmus1964
111FJ Durston1920
111IAR Peebles1931
111FJ Titmus1954
111FJ Titmus1968
109JM Sims1935
109CIJ Smith1938
108JT Hearne1897
108FA Tarrant1909
108JT Hearne1911
108CIJ Smith1936
108JJ Warr1959
107JW Hearne1913
107FJ Durston1921
107AE Moss1958
106FJ Durston1923
106NE Haig1929
106FJ Durston1932
106JA Young1950
105JT Hearne1895
105JJ Warr1956
104AE Trott1898
104FJ Titmus1971
103FA Tarrant1908
103NE Haig1921
103JW Hearne1923
103AE Moss1955
103JE Emburey1983
102FJ Titmus1953
102FJ Titmus1959
101JA Young1946
101MWW Selvey1978
100JT Hearne1892
100FJ Titmus1970



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