Most Runs in a Season for Middlesex

2669EH Hendren1923
2650WJ Edrich1947
2623EH Hendren1928
2622JDB Robertson1951
2514EH Hendren1933
2467DCS Compton1947
2346DL Haynes1990
2342WE Russell1964
2341EH Hendren1931
2328JDB Robertson1947
2203JDB Robertson1952
2157MR Ramprakash1995
2150MW Gatting1984
2101WJ Edrich1952
2095EH Hendren1920
2057MW Gatting1991
2044MA Roseberry1992
2042DCS Compton1946
2033EH Hendren1927
2028JDB Robertson1957
2021JW Hearne1914
2010EH Hendren1936
2007PH Parfitt1961
2006EH Hendren1925
2000WJ Edrich1939
2000MW Gatting1992
1990SM Brown1947
1984JW Hearne1932
1951JDB Robertson1948
1933RA Gale1962
1931DCS Compton1949
1920JDB Robertson1946
1912WJ Edrich1953
1903JDB Robertson1955
1901JDB Robertson1950
1900WE Russell1961
1900WN Slack1985
1895WE Russell1960
1895PH Parfitt1966
1892DCS Compton1939
1886WJ Edrich1951
1860WE Russell1965
1845HW Lee1929
1842RA Gale1961
1840EH Hendren1922
1818WE Russell1967
1811WJ Edrich1946
1784WE Russell1962
1759EH Hendren1921
1755JDB Robertson1939
1743FA Tarrant1914
1715MJ Harris1967
1710JDB Robertson1949
1707EH Hendren1926
1705MJ Smith1970
1704WJ Edrich1938
1704MW Gatting1990
1688EH Hendren1935
1688PH Parfitt1971
1678JW Hearne1922
1671MW Gatting1994
1668EC Joyce2005
1666PH Parfitt1967
1663JW Hearne1913
1656JM Brearley1975
1652PH Parfitt1962
1650OA Shah2005
1645PH Parfitt1963
1644WE Russell1971
1638JW Hearne1920
1638RA Gale1959
1636WN Slack1987
1631WN Slack1984
1627WJ Edrich1956
1624HW Lee1928
1615FA Tarrant1911
1612WJ Edrich1937
1597EH Hendren1932
1593MA Roseberry1990
1580WE Russell1970
1579FJ Titmus1961
1579MJ Smith1973
1570WJ Edrich1954
1568SM Brown1949
1545GD Barlow1983
1543JD Carr1994
1541MR Ramprakash1990
1529AJ Strauss2003
1527WE Russell1959
1525DCS Compton1952
1525JDB Robertson1958
1523WE Russell1963
1513DL Haynes1992
1511MA Roseberry1991
1506JW Hearne1930
1505KR Brown1990
1502JDB Robertson1956



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