Middlesex County Cricket Club


Teams Marcus Martin played for

Main FCCambridge University (1862-1864)
 Marylebone Cricket Club (1865)
 Middlesex (1870)
Other FCGentlemen of the North (1861)
 Gentlemen of the South (1870)
MiscellaneousRugby School (1858-1861)
 Gentlemen of the Midland Counties (1861)
 Perambulators (1862)
 Cambridge University Next XVIII (1862)
 Cambridge University (1862-1864)
 Cambridge Perambulators (1862)
 Free Foresters (1863-1873)
 Gentlemen of Warwickshire (1863-1868)
 Quidnuncs (1864-1876)
 Southgate (1868-1877)
 The Cricket Company (1868)
 Tooting (1868)
 Marylebone Cricket Club (1868)
 Harlequins (1869)
 Huntingdonshire (1869)
 Will-o'-the-Wisp (1870-1877)
 Harrow Wanderers (1870)
 Gentlemen of Prince's (1873)
 Preston Hall (1877)



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