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Uxbridge Cricket Club Ground, Uxbridge - Centuries in first-class cricket

228*V ChopraWarwickshire v Middlesex2013f54894
208  DI StevensKent v Middlesex2009f51729
206*DL HaynesMiddlesex v Kent1989f38200
200  CT RadleyMiddlesex v Northamptonshire1985f35868
179  RO ButcherMiddlesex v Derbyshire1983f34633
178  NRD ComptonMiddlesex v Derbyshire2009f51740
177  IJF HutchinsonMiddlesex v Kent1989f38200
171  RO ButcherMiddlesex v Surrey1986f36438
171*PN WeekesMiddlesex v Somerset1996f42575
170*MW GattingMiddlesex v Somerset1990f38822
169  MW GattingMiddlesex v Surrey1981f33732
168  GA HickWorcestershire v Middlesex1992f40031
168  PCL HollowaySomerset v Middlesex1996f42575
167  WL MadsenDerbyshire v Middlesex2009f51740
166  GA HickWorcestershire v Middlesex1998f43714
164*BJM ScottMiddlesex v Northamptonshire2008f50860
161  HM AmlaSouth Africans v Middlesex2008f50867
160  PN WeekesMiddlesex v Somerset1996f42575
158*MW GattingMiddlesex v Essex1989f38206
158  MR RamprakashMiddlesex v Leicestershire1995f41904
157  RJ BaileyNorthamptonshire v Middlesex1995f41891
152  SJ CookSomerset v Middlesex1990f38822
151  AJ StraussMiddlesex v Sri Lankans2011f53231
150  AC VogesMiddlesex v Warwickshire2013f54894
148  JC BalderstoneLeicestershire v Middlesex1982f34147
148  CJL RogersMiddlesex v Gloucestershire2011f53273
146*MR RamprakashMiddlesex v Somerset1990f38822
146  NJ DexterMiddlesex v Kent2009f51729
144  AJ StewartSurrey v Middlesex1986f36438
143*DL HaynesMiddlesex v Essex1989f38206
140  GA GoochEssex v Middlesex1994f41200
138*JM KempKent v Middlesex2009f51729
137  DA LeatherdaleWorcestershire v Middlesex1998f43714
134  LJ WrightSussex v Middlesex2010f52497
132  TM MoodyWorcestershire v Middlesex1998f43714
132*DJ MalanMiddlesex v Northamptonshire2008f50860
127*DL HaynesMiddlesex v Northamptonshire1992f40020
127*PN WeekesMiddlesex v Northamptonshire1995f41891
127  RA WhiteNorthamptonshire v Middlesex2008f50860
127  IA CockbainGloucestershire v Middlesex2011f53273
127*AJ StraussMiddlesex v Nottinghamshire2012f54082
124  VJ WellsLeicestershire v Middlesex1995f41904
124  DJ MalanMiddlesex v Somerset2014f55699
123*MR RamprakashMiddlesex v Essex1994f41200
123  DL HaynesMiddlesex v Essex1994f41200
123  TM DilshanSri Lankans v Middlesex2011f53231
122  MR RamprakashMiddlesex v Worcestershire1998f43714
119*MA RoseberryMiddlesex v Leicestershire1991f39366
119  RJ BaileyNorthamptonshire v Middlesex1995f41891
118  MA RoseberryMiddlesex v Worcestershire1992f40031
118  JL LangerMiddlesex v Worcestershire1998f43714
118  NJ DexterMiddlesex v Kent2009f51729
117*CEB RiceNottinghamshire v Middlesex1981f33548
114  GS ClintonSurrey v Middlesex1981f33732
114  AG PrinceSouth Africans v Middlesex2008f50867
112*SR WaughSomerset v Middlesex1988f37672
112*CJL RogersDerbyshire v Middlesex2009f51740
111  MR RamprakashMiddlesex v Northamptonshire1995f41891
111*MR RamprakashMiddlesex v Leicestershire1995f41904
111  IJ WestwoodWarwickshire v Middlesex2012f54109
110  ME WaughEssex v Middlesex1989f38206
110  MR RamprakashMiddlesex v Somerset1996f42575
109*KR BrownMiddlesex v Yorkshire1990f38812
109*EJG MorganMiddlesex v South Africans2008f50867
108  DL HaynesMiddlesex v Somerset1990f38822
108  MW GattingMiddlesex v Essex1994f41200
108  MR RamprakashMiddlesex v Worcestershire1998f43714
106  DJ MalanMiddlesex v Warwickshire2012f54109
105  GD BarlowMiddlesex v Hampshire1983f34651
105  AC VogesNottinghamshire v Middlesex2012f54082
104  MW GattingMiddlesex v Worcestershire1984f35274
104  PR DowntonMiddlesex v Northamptonshire1985f35868
104  PR DowntonMiddlesex v Warwickshire1986f36445
104  DM HousegoMiddlesex v Sri Lankans2011f53231
103  NT ParanavitanaSri Lankans v Middlesex2011f53231
102  NJ FalknerSurrey v Middlesex1986f36438
102  JE EmbureyMiddlesex v Warwickshire1988f37679
102*RC IraniEssex v Middlesex1994f41200
101  TA LloydWarwickshire v Middlesex1988f37679
100  BF DavisonLeicestershire v Middlesex1982f34147
100  WN SlackMiddlesex v Worcestershire1984f35274
100  CJ RichardsSurrey v Middlesex1986f36438
100*MW GattingMiddlesex v Northamptonshire1991f39419



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