Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood - Highest Team Totals in Twenty20 matches

218-7Surrey v Middlesex2006tt366
205-5Middlesex v Kent2015tt4928
203-6Middlesex v Essex2017tt6364
202-3Sussex v Middlesex2013tt3665
200-3Surrey v Middlesex2005tt177
200-5Middlesex v Surrey2016tt5843
200-6Middlesex v Essex2010tt1759
199-4West Indies v ICC World XI2018tt6981
199-5Hampshire v Middlesex2015tt4967
196-6Surrey v Middlesex2016tt5843
195-8Essex v Middlesex2010tt1759
191-3Kent v Middlesex2009tt1236
186-1Surrey v Middlesex2009tt1217
185-5Middlesex v Surrey2015tt5108
183-5Surrey v Middlesex2004tt105
182-3Surrey v Middlesex2011tt2319
182-5Kent v Middlesex2006tt383
181-2Essex v Middlesex2014tt4322
180-5Middlesex v Essex2014tt4322
178-7Middlesex v Surrey2006tt366
178-7Surrey v Middlesex2013tt3749
178-8Middlesex v Sussex2013tt3665
178-9Middlesex v Hampshire2015tt4967
177-7Middlesex v Sussex2008tt948
177Middlesex v Surrey2005tt177
175-5Pakistan v Netherlands2009tt1289
174-3Middlesex v Essex2013tt3671
173-8Middlesex v Surrey2011tt2319
170-8Essex v Middlesex2013tt3671
166-5Middlesex v Essex2009tt1330
165-7Middlesex v Kent2006tt383
165-8Sussex v Middlesex2011tt2245
163-6Netherlands v England2009tt1281
162-5England v Netherlands2009tt1281
162-5Rajasthan Royals v Middlesex2009tt1343
161-9Middlesex v Surrey2017tt6324
158-5Somerset v Middlesex2010tt1740
158-9Surrey v Middlesex2017tt6324
156-3West Indies v India2009tt1296
155-5Essex v Middlesex2011tt2223
155-6Middlesex v Somerset2010tt1740
155-6Essex v Middlesex2012tt2987
154-6Middlesex v Kent2010tt1795
153-7India v West Indies2009tt1296
153-7England v India2009tt1300
150-5India v England2009tt1300
150-5Middlesex v Essex2011tt2223
150-7Sri Lanka v Pakistan2009tt1295



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