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Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood - Five Wickets in an Innings in Test cricket

8-34IT BothamEngland v Pakistan1978t826
8-38GD McGrathAustralia v England1997t1370
8-43H VerityEngland v Australia1934t234
8-51DL UnderwoodEngland v Pakistan1974t743
8-53RAL MassieAustralia v England1972t699
8-84RAL MassieAustralia v England1972t699
8-103IT BothamEngland v West Indies1984t990
7-32DL UnderwoodEngland v New Zealand1969t656
7-36G UlyettEngland v Australia1884t15
7-39JB StathamEngland v South Africa1955t409
7-43DG CorkEngland v West Indies1995t1299
7-44TE BaileyEngland v West Indies1957t440
7-44SCJ BroadEngland v New Zealand2013t2088
7-49AV BedserEngland v India1946t276
7-52R TattersallEngland v South Africa1951t335
7-61H VerityEngland v Australia1934t234
7-65SJ PeglerSouth Africa v England1912t122
7-70PAJ DeFreitasEngland v Sri Lanka1991t1176
7-72SCJ BroadEngland v West Indies2012t2043
7-74I SharmaIndia v England2014t2130
7-78RGD WillisEngland v Australia1977t804
7-81GF LawsonAustralia v England1981t904
7-88E JonesAustralia v England1899t61
7-128AEE VoglerSouth Africa v England1907t93
6-29R IllingworthEngland v India1967t619
6-31FS TruemanEngland v Pakistan1962t531
6-32RWV RobinsEngland v West Indies1933t227
6-32Mudassar NazarPakistan v England1982t932
6-32MD MarshallWest Indies v England1988t1099
6-35WW ArmstrongAustralia v England1909t102
6-35L Amar SinghIndia v England1936t252
6-39T RichardsonEngland v Australia1896t50
6-45J BriggsEngland v Australia1886t23
6-50TG SoutheeNew Zealand v England2013t2088
6-55MJ NorthAustralia v Pakistan2010t1963
6-63JB StathamEngland v South Africa1960t493
6-67CTB TurnerAustralia v England1893t39
6-67MA HoldingWest Indies v England1980t881
6-70CJ McDermottAustralia v England1985t1018
6-74CA WalshWest Indies v England2000t1503
6-76DJ NashNew Zealand v England1994t1261
6-77CL CairnsNew Zealand v England1999t1456
6-80RJ HadleeNew Zealand v England1986t1049
6-82Bhuvneshwar KumarIndia v England2014t2130
6-84Mohammad AamerPakistan v England2010t1971
6-85E PeateEngland v Australia1884t15
6-85SF BarnesEngland v South Africa1912t122
6-85LJ ColdwellEngland v Pakistan1962t531
6-85MD MarshallWest Indies v England1984t990
6-86S RamadhinWest Indies v England1950t324
6-87HH StreakZimbabwe v England2000t1495
6-90IT BothamEngland v Sri Lanka1984t994
6-91K HiggsEngland v West Indies1966t606
6-92FH EdwardsWest Indies v England2009t1919
6-99AJ BellSouth Africa v England1929t182
6-100FS TruemanEngland v West Indies1963t544
6-101WH LockwoodEngland v Australia1893t39
6-101IT BothamEngland v New Zealand1978t830
6-101RGD WillisEngland v India1982t928
6-111GE PalmerAustralia v England1884t15
6-119DG CorkEngland v South Africa1998t1419
6-128TM AldermanAustralia v England1989t1122
6-129MS PanesarEngland v West Indies2007t1831
6-167CV GrimmettAustralia v England1930t195
6-226BS BediIndia v England1974t740
5-15ESH GiddinsEngland v Zimbabwe2000t1495
5-16FR FosterEngland v South Africa1912t122
5-16AR CaddickEngland v West Indies2000t1503
5-17GAR LockEngland v New Zealand1958t455
5-20DL UnderwoodEngland v Pakistan1974t743
5-21CM OldEngland v India1974t740
5-25SF BarnesEngland v South Africa1912t122
5-26JJ FerrisAustralia v England1888t28
5-27CTB TurnerAustralia v England1888t28
5-29J BriggsEngland v Australia1886t23
5-30JJ LyonsAustralia v England1890t33
5-30VD PhilanderSouth Africa v England2012t2053
5-32AA DonaldSouth Africa v England1998t1419
5-34JB StathamEngland v South Africa1960t493
5-35GOB AllenEngland v India1936t252
5-35T GreenhoughEngland v India1959t475
5-35IT BothamEngland v India1979t852
5-35NGB CookEngland v New Zealand1983t959
5-36CTB TurnerAustralia v England1888t28
5-37EG ArnoldEngland v South Africa1907t93
5-37GD McKenzieAustralia v England1961t508
5-38G OnionsEngland v West Indies2009t1919
5-39DL UnderwoodEngland v West Indies1976t778
5-39IT BothamEngland v New Zealand1978t830
5-40ERH ToshackAustralia v England1948t300
5-40SR WatsonAustralia v Pakistan2010t1963
5-42AK DavidsonAustralia v England1961t508
5-42DJ BrownEngland v Australia1968t638
5-42JM AndersonEngland v India2007t1840
5-43G GiffenAustralia v England1893t39
5-43GOB AllenEngland v India1936t252
5-43SJ HarmisonEngland v Australia2005t1756
5-44GP SwannEngland v Australia2013t2091
5-46IT BothamEngland v India1982t928
5-47RGD WillisEngland v Pakistan1978t826
5-47JM AndersonEngland v New Zealand2013t2088
5-48FS TruemanEngland v Australia1964t562
5-49XC BalaskasSouth Africa v England1935t243
5-49R TattersallEngland v South Africa1951t335
5-52FS TruemanEngland v West Indies1963t544
5-53JN GillespieAustralia v England2001t1552
5-53GD McGrathAustralia v England2005t1756
5-54GD McGrathAustralia v England2001t1552
5-55GR DilleyEngland v West Indies1988t1099
5-57JA SnowEngland v Australia1972t699
5-57Mushtaq AhmedPakistan v England1996t1330
5-59LS PascoeAustralia v England1980t885
5-59RP SinghIndia v England2007t1840
5-60PS HeineSouth Africa v England1955t409
5-60AME RobertsWest Indies v England1976t778
5-61Khan MohammadPakistan v England1954t387
5-61D GoughEngland v Pakistan2001t1546
5-62GP SwannEngland v Pakistan2010t1971
5-63AME RobertsWest Indies v England1976t778
5-64C SharmaIndia v England1986t1046
5-65JM AndersonEngland v India2011t2000
5-66S RamadhinWest Indies v England1950t324
5-66RR LindwallAustralia v England1953t373
5-66ARC FraserEngland v West Indies1995t1299
5-68RG HollandAustralia v England1985t1018
5-69RJ RatnayakeSri Lanka v England1991t1176
5-69DL VettoriNew Zealand v England2008t1874
5-70RR LindwallAustralia v England1948t300
5-72KR MillerAustralia v England1956t426
5-72RJ HarrisAustralia v England2013t2091
5-73JM AndersonEngland v Zimbabwe2003t1646
5-74AA DonaldSouth Africa v England1994t1263
5-75M NtiniSouth Africa v England2003t1653
5-76JT HearneEngland v Australia1896t50
5-76BKV PrasadIndia v England1996t1328
5-77IAR PeeblesEngland v New Zealand1931t209
5-77GWA ChubbSouth Africa v England1951t335
5-80DVP WrightEngland v South Africa1947t286
5-80HJ TayfieldSouth Africa v England1955t409
5-80KR MillerAustralia v England1956t426
5-81AF GilesEngland v West Indies2004t1707
5-84RJ HadleeNew Zealand v England1978t830
5-85AE RelfEngland v Australia1909t102
5-85WH CopsonEngland v West Indies1939t272
5-87ST FinnEngland v Bangladesh2010t1958
5-89RB DesaiIndia v England1959t475
5-90FS TruemanEngland v Australia1956t426
5-91CC GriffithWest Indies v England1963t544
5-91Waqar YounisPakistan v England1992t1190
5-92A FlintoffEngland v Australia2009t1925
5-93M NissarIndia v England1932t219
5-93RJ HadleeNew Zealand v England1983t959
5-93DJ NashNew Zealand v England1994t1261
5-94DE MalcolmEngland v New Zealand1990t1146
5-94PCR TufnellEngland v Sri Lanka1991t1176
5-95DVP WrightEngland v South Africa1947t286
5-98Shahadat HossainBangladesh v England2010t1958
5-100DR PringleEngland v West Indies1991t1172
5-101AR CaddickEngland v Australia2001t1552
5-104ARC FraserEngland v India1990t1148
5-105AV BedserEngland v Australia1953t373
5-106P KumarIndia v England2011t2000
5-109IT BothamEngland v Australia1985t1018
5-113CM OldEngland v New Zealand1973t723
5-114JA SnowEngland v West Indies1969t654
5-115L TuckettSouth Africa v England1947t286
5-116RO JenkinsEngland v West Indies1950t324
5-118L AmarnathIndia v England1946t276
5-125Kapil DevIndia v England1982t928
5-127BS ChandrasekharIndia v England1967t619
5-133WE HolliesEngland v New Zealand1949t315
5-134T RichardsonEngland v Australia1896t50
5-145M NtiniSouth Africa v England2003t1653
5-196MH MankadIndia v England1952t352



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