Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in Test cricket

4GS SobersEngland v West Indies1973t727
4AJ LambNew Zealand v England1983t959
4ME TrescothickSri Lanka v England2002t1603
4ME TrescothickZimbabwe v England2003t1646
3GJ BonnorEngland v Australia1884t15
3GA LohmannAustralia v England1888t28
3H TrumbleEngland v Australia1899t61
3H SutcliffeAustralia v England1926t164
3LN ConstantineEngland v West Indies1928t173
3WR HammondNew Zealand v England1931t209
3RWV RobinsIndia v England1932t219
3M Jahangir KhanEngland v India1936t252
3SJ McCabeEngland v Australia1938t264
3WJ EdrichSouth Africa v England1947t286
3L HuttonAustralia v England1948t300
3GB HoleEngland v Australia1953t373
3MC CowdreyPakistan v England1962t531
3TW GraveneyPakistan v England1962t531
3MC CowdreyWest Indies v England1963t544
3MC CowdreyWest Indies v England1963t544
3MC CowdreyAustralia v England1968t638
3R IllingworthIndia v England1971t690
3AL WadekarEngland v India1971t690
3GS ChappellEngland v Australia1972t699
3ED SolkarEngland v India1974t740
3D LloydPakistan v England1974t743
3Mohsin KhanEngland v Pakistan1978t826
3GRJ RoopePakistan v England1978t826
3GR ViswanathEngland v India1982t928
3JV ConeyEngland v New Zealand1983t959
3AJ LambWest Indies v England1991t1172
3BC LaraEngland v West Indies2000t1503
3MR RamprakashWest Indies v England2000t1503
3GP ThorpePakistan v England2001t1546
3PR AdamsEngland v South Africa2003t1653
3N HussainNew Zealand v England2004t1700
3DS SmithEngland v West Indies2007t1831
3AN CookAustralia v England2009t1925
3CJL RogersEngland v Australia2013t2091
3JE RootSri Lanka v England2016t2205



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