Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood - Lowest Team Totals in Test cricket

42India v England1974t740
47New Zealand v England1958t455
53England v Australia1888t28
53Australia v England1896t50
54West Indies v England2000t1503
58South Africa v England1912t122
60Australia v England1888t28
62England v Australia1888t28
67New Zealand v England1978t830
68New Zealand v England2013t2088
74New Zealand v England1958t455
74Pakistan v England2010t1971
77England v Australia1997t1370
78Australia v England1968t638
83Zimbabwe v England2000t1495
87Pakistan v England1954t387
93India v England1936t252
96India v England1979t852
97West Indies v England1933t227
99England v South Africa1994t1263



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