Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood - Highest Team Totals in ODI cricket

334-4England v India1975o21
328-6England v Ireland2017o3865
326-8India v England2002o1856
325-5England v India2002o1856
309-7Australia v England2015o3681
303-4Australia v Zimbabwe1999o1477
300-9Sri Lanka v England2014o3495
293-8England v Sri Lanka2014o3495
291-8West Indies v Australia1975o33
286-3West Indies v England2004o2140
286-9West Indies v England1979o74
285-7England v West Indies2004o2140
280-5India v England2011o3191
279-4Australia v England1989o568
278-6England v Pakistan1992o756
278-7England v Australia1989o568
277-7Australia v England2010o3011
276-3West Indies v Australia1983o213
276-7England v West Indies1995o1002
274Australia v West Indies1975o33
273-6Australia v West Indies1983o213
272-4India v England2002o1848
272-5England v Australia2012o3280
271-7England v India2002o1848
270-4England v Australia1997o1213
270-8England v India2011o3191
269-6Australia v Pakistan2004o2166
269Australia v England1997o1213
266-5New Zealand v England2008o2721
266New Zealand v West Indies2004o2142
265-3England v West Indies1991o678
265-7Pakistan v England2010o3046
264-9West Indies v England1991o678
260-5Sri Lanka v England1998o1348
259-6Zimbabwe v Australia1999o1477
259Pakistan v Australia2004o2166
257-2England v Australia1985o331
257-9Sri Lanka v England2006o2384
257-9Australia v England2012o3280
256-8England v Sri Lanka1998o1348
255-6England v Pakistan2016o3771
254-5Australia v England1985o331
251Pakistan v England2016o3771



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