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Kennington Oval, Kennington - Five Wickets in an Innings in Test cricket

9-57DE MalcolmEngland v South Africa1994t1266
9-65M MuralitharanSri Lanka v England1998t1423
8-29SF BarnesEngland v South Africa1912t128
8-65H TrumbleAustralia v England1902t74
8-92MA HoldingWest Indies v England1976t781
7-25GR HazlittAustralia v England1912t129
7-36GA LohmannEngland v Australia1886t24
7-36MS KasprowiczAustralia v England1997t1377
7-44FR SpofforthAustralia v England1882t9
7-46FR SpofforthAustralia v England1882t9
7-50DL UnderwoodEngland v Australia1968t641
7-56JH WardleEngland v Pakistan1954t390
7-66PCR TufnellEngland v Australia1997t1377
7-71WH LockwoodEngland v Australia1899t64
7-76GD McGrathAustralia v England1997t1377
7-80GOB AllenEngland v India1936t254
7-84GA FaulknerSouth Africa v England1912t128
7-89DK LilleeAustralia v England1981t908
7-92PM HornibrookAustralia v England1930t198
7-96Abdul QadirPakistan v England1987t1079
7-128G GiffenAustralia v England1893t40
7-148A CotterAustralia v England1905t87
7-155M MuralitharanSri Lanka v England1998t1423
7-165SK WarneAustralia v England2001t1558
6-20RR LindwallAustralia v England1948t303
6-20GAR LockEngland v West Indies1957t443
6-23R PeelEngland v Australia1896t52
6-25PCR TufnellEngland v West Indies1991t1175
6-30H TrumbleAustralia v England1896t52
6-38BS ChandrasekharIndia v England1971t692
6-39AL ValentineWest Indies v England1950t326
6-41JT HearneEngland v Australia1896t52
6-41DL UnderwoodEngland v New Zealand1969t658
6-46Fazal MahmoodPakistan v England1954t390
6-46SJ HarmisonEngland v West Indies2004t1712
6-47NJN HawkeAustralia v England1964t565
6-50F MartinEngland v Australia1890t34
6-52F MartinEngland v Australia1890t34
6-53Fazal MahmoodPakistan v England1954t390
6-53RJ HadleeNew Zealand v England1983t957
6-55JC LakerEngland v South Africa1951t338
6-57MA HoldingWest Indies v England1976t781
6-59H TrumbleAustralia v England1896t52
6-59CS MarriottEngland v West Indies1933t229
6-60DL UnderwoodEngland v New Zealand1969t658
6-65NAT AdcockSouth Africa v England1960t496
6-67Wasim AkramPakistan v England1992t1193
6-71CC GriffithWest Indies v England1963t547
6-77KD BoyceWest Indies v England1973t725
6-78Mushtaq AhmedPakistan v England1996t1332
6-95A CotterAustralia v England1909t105
6-103HC GriffithWest Indies v England1928t175
6-106GP SwannEngland v India2011t2004
6-112CTB TurnerAustralia v England1888t29
6-122SK WarneAustralia v England2005t1763
6-124SK WarneAustralia v England2005t1763
6-125IT BothamEngland v Australia1981t908
6-138AA MaileyAustralia v England1926t167
6-154GR DilleyEngland v Pakistan1987t1079
6-168GF CresswellNew Zealand v England1949t317
6-204IAR PeeblesEngland v Australia1930t198
5-14GOB AllenEngland v New Zealand1931t210
5-19RG BarlowEngland v Australia1882t9
5-20FE WoolleyEngland v Australia1912t129
5-25J BriggsEngland v Australia1888t29
5-28SF BarnesEngland v South Africa1912t128
5-28GAR LockEngland v West Indies1957t443
5-29FE WoolleyEngland v Australia1912t129
5-30SF BarnesEngland v Australia1912t129
5-31TL GoddardSouth Africa v England1955t412
5-31CL CairnsNew Zealand v England1999t1458
5-32W BarnesEngland v Australia1888t29
5-32C WhiteEngland v West Indies2000t1509
5-34J BriggsEngland v Australia1893t40
5-35MD MarshallWest Indies v England1984t993
5-37CS MarriottEngland v West Indies1933t229
5-37SCJ BroadEngland v Australia2009t1931
5-40JB StathamEngland v South Africa1965t596
5-41FE WoolleyEngland v South Africa1912t128
5-41AV BedserEngland v India1952t354
5-42RGD WillisEngland v New Zealand1978t828
5-42AR CaddickEngland v Australia1997t1377
5-43PM PollockSouth Africa v England1965t596
5-43MA HoldingWest Indies v England1984t993
5-43GD McGrathAustralia v England2001t1558
5-45WH LockwoodEngland v Australia1902t74
5-45GAR LockEngland v Australia1953t376
5-46RM EllisonEngland v Australia1985t1022
5-48FS TruemanEngland v India1952t354
5-49JJ FerrisAustralia v England1890t34
5-49WE BowesEngland v Australia1938t266
5-52Waqar YounisPakistan v England1992t1193
5-52Mohammad AamerPakistan v England2010t1970
5-53RG ArcherAustralia v England1956t429
5-55WE BowesEngland v Australia1934t237
5-56F MorleyEngland v Australia1880t4
5-56JC LakerEngland v South Africa1955t412
5-56DW SteynSouth Africa v England2012t2049
5-57JDF LarterEngland v Pakistan1962t534
5-58GG ArnoldEngland v Pakistan1967t623
5-58K HiggsEngland v Pakistan1967t623
5-58DK LilleeAustralia v England1972t702
5-60HJ TayfieldSouth Africa v England1955t412
5-61C BlytheEngland v South Africa1907t95
5-63MF MaloneAustralia v England1977t808
5-63Wahab RiazPakistan v England2010t1970
5-64CV GrimmettAustralia v England1934t237
5-64NA FosterEngland v West Indies1988t1102
5-66TM AldermanAustralia v England1989t1126
5-68GA LohmannEngland v Australia1886t24
5-70R IllingworthEngland v India1971t692
5-70KD BoyceWest Indies v England1973t725
5-72IT BothamEngland v West Indies1984t993
5-73JM SimsEngland v India1936t254
5-75LN ConstantineWest Indies v England1939t274
5-75SurendranathIndia v England1959t478
5-77GH HirstEngland v Australia1902t74
5-78A FlintoffEngland v Australia2005t1763
5-87ARC FraserEngland v Australia1993t1231
5-93EA MartindaleWest Indies v England1933t229
5-94DE MalcolmEngland v Pakistan1992t1193
5-94M NtiniSouth Africa v England2008t1885
5-96CEL AmbroseWest Indies v England1995t1303
5-98EW ClarkEngland v Australia1934t237
5-102RGD WillisEngland v Australia1977t808
5-105CL VincentSouth Africa v England1929t185
5-106DV LawrenceEngland v West Indies1991t1175
5-110W BrearleyEngland v Australia1905t87
5-113GG ArnoldEngland v West Indies1973t725
5-114J BriggsEngland v Australia1893t40
5-115Harbhajan SinghIndia v England2002t1614
5-116Intikhab AlamPakistan v England1974t744
5-120M NissarIndia v England1936t254
5-121KD MackayAustralia v England1961t511
5-123DK LilleeAustralia v England1972t702
5-131WE HolliesEngland v Australia1948t303
5-141DVP WrightEngland v West Indies1950t326
5-143EA McDonaldAustralia v England1921t144
5-146DW CarrEngland v Australia1909t105
5-156RTD PerksEngland v West Indies1939t274



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