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Kennington Oval, Kennington - Centuries in Test cricket

364  L HuttonEngland v Australia1938t266
311*HM AmlaSouth Africa v England2012t2049
291  IVA RichardsWest Indies v England1976t781
266  WH PonsfordAustralia v England1934t237
260  Javed MiandadPakistan v England1987t1079
244  DG BradmanAustralia v England1934t237
240  Zaheer AbbasPakistan v England1974t744
235  IR BellEngland v India2011t2004
232  DG BradmanAustralia v England1930t198
221  SM GavaskarIndia v England1979t854
219  ME TrescothickEngland v South Africa2003t1659
217  WR HammondEngland v India1936t254
217  RS DravidIndia v England2002t1614
213  ST JayasuriyaSri Lanka v England1998t1423
211  WL MurdochAustralia v England1884t16
208  IT BothamEngland v India1982t930
206  L HuttonEngland v New Zealand1949t317
203  DL AmissEngland v West Indies1976t781
202*L HuttonEngland v West Indies1950t326
196  AR MorrisAustralia v England1948t303
196  GA GoochEngland v Australia1985t1022
195  MP VaughanEngland v India2002t1614
192  IM ChappellAustralia v England1975t763
189*B MitchellSouth Africa v England1947t289
187  M LeylandEngland v Australia1938t266
187  RJ ShastriIndia v England1990t1150
183  DL AmissEngland v Pakistan1974t744
183  HH GibbsSouth Africa v England2003t1659
182*CP MeadEngland v Australia1921t144
182  MC CowdreyEngland v Pakistan1962t534
182*JH KallisSouth Africa v England2012t2049
181  PJP BurgeAustralia v England1961t511
179  BC LaraWest Indies v England1995t1303
176  Saeed AnwarPakistan v England1996t1332
176  SR WatsonAustralia v England2013t2094
175  G PullarEngland v South Africa1960t496
175  KP PietersenEngland v India2011t2004
172  ER DexterEngland v Pakistan1962t534
170  WG GraceEngland v Australia1886t24
169*J HardstaffEngland v Australia1938t266
165*L HuttonEngland v West Indies1939t274
165  TW GraveneyEngland v West Indies1966t609
164  TW GraveneyEngland v West Indies1957t443
164  JH EdrichEngland v Australia1968t641
161  H SutcliffeEngland v Australia1926t167
161  H SutcliffeEngland v Australia1930t198
161  M LeylandEngland v South Africa1935t246
159  JB HobbsEngland v West Indies1928t175
158  BL D'OliveiraEngland v Australia1968t641
158  KP PietersenEngland v Australia2005t1763
157  DI GowerEngland v Australia1985t1022
157*DI GowerEngland v India1990t1150
157*SR WaughAustralia v England2001t1558
156*JP CrawleyEngland v Sri Lanka1998t1423
155  MC CowdreyEngland v South Africa1960t496
153*WL MurdochAustralia v England1880t4
152  WG GraceEngland v Australia1880t4
152  PA de SilvaSri Lanka v England1998t1423
150*MW GattingEngland v Pakistan1987t1079
149  RA WoolmerEngland v Australia1975t763
149*JE RootEngland v India2014t2137
148*LEG AmesEngland v South Africa1935t246
146  RA DuffAustralia v England1905t87
146  Asif IqbalPakistan v England1967t623
146*RS DravidIndia v England2011t2004
144  CB FryEngland v Australia1905t87
142  EH HendrenEngland v South Africa1924t157
142  KF BarringtonEngland v Pakistan1967t623
138  WR HammondEngland v West Indies1939t274
138  FMM WorrellWest Indies v England1950t326
138  ML HaydenAustralia v England2005t1763
138*SPD SmithAustralia v England2013t2094
137  TW HaywardEngland v Australia1899t64
137  KH WeekesWest Indies v England1939t274
137  R Subba RowEngland v Australia1961t511
137  G BoycottEngland v Australia1981t908
136  W BardsleyAustralia v England1909t105
135  WM LawryAustralia v England1968t641
133  MR RamprakashEngland v Australia2001t1558
132  CH LloydWest Indies v England1973t725
131  DI GowerEngland v New Zealand1986t1051
131  GC SmithSouth Africa v England2012t2049
130  W BardsleyAustralia v England1909t105
129  CB FryEngland v South Africa1907t95
129  AJ StraussEngland v Australia2005t1763
128  B MitchellSouth Africa v England1935t246
128  TS WorthingtonEngland v India1936t254
128  VM MerchantIndia v England1946t278
128  Mohammad YousufPakistan v England2006t1814
127  KC BlandSouth Africa v England1965t596
127  RB McCoskerAustralia v England1975t763
127  CL HooperWest Indies v England1995t1303
125  G BoycottEngland v India1979t854
125  DL HaynesWest Indies v England1984t993
124  GP ThorpeEngland v South Africa2003t1659
122  KWR FletcherEngland v Pakistan1974t744
122  DM JonesAustralia v England1989t1126
121  HW TaylorSouth Africa v England1929t185
121  MW GattingEngland v New Zealand1986t1051
121  RB RichardsonWest Indies v England1991t1175
121  MEK HusseyAustralia v England2009t1931
120  B MitchellSouth Africa v England1947t289
120  ME WaughAustralia v England2001t1558
119  DS SheppardEngland v India1952t354
119  JG WrightNew Zealand v England1986t1051
119  IJL TrottEngland v Australia2009t1931
118  FS JacksonEngland v Australia1899t64
118  IM ChappellAustralia v England1972t702
118  Imran KhanPakistan v England1987t1079
117  WW ReadEngland v Australia1884t16
117  SE GregoryAustralia v England1899t64
117  H SutcliffeEngland v New Zealand1931t210
117  EL DaltonSouth Africa v England1935t246
117  NCL O'NeillAustralia v England1961t511
115  AN CookEngland v South Africa2012t2049
113  DCS ComptonEngland v South Africa1947t289
113  G BoycottEngland v Australia1964t565
113  GS ChappellAustralia v England1972t702
112*JT TyldesleyEngland v Australia1905t87
112  JT MurrayEngland v West Indies1966t609
111  DI GowerEngland v New Zealand1978t828
110  WH PonsfordAustralia v England1930t198
110  M LeylandEngland v Australia1934t237
110  Kapil DevIndia v England1990t1150
110*A KumbleIndia v England2007t1842
110  AN CookEngland v Pakistan2010t1970
109*H SutcliffeEngland v South Africa1929t185
109  KS DuleepsinhjiEngland v New Zealand1931t210
109  AF RaeWest Indies v England1950t326
109  CJ TavaréEngland v New Zealand1983t957
109  RA SmithEngland v West Indies1991t1175
108*CC HunteWest Indies v England1963t547
108  MA AthertonEngland v West Indies2000t1509
107  AH BakewellEngland v West Indies1933t229
107  PE RichardsonEngland v West Indies1957t443
107  AJ LambEngland v India1982t930
107  GA HickEngland v Sri Lanka1998t1423
106*FC HayesEngland v West Indies1973t725
106*AR BorderAustralia v England1981t908
106  JP CrawleyEngland v Pakistan1996t1332
105  J SharpEngland v Australia1909t105
105  G FowlerEngland v New Zealand1983t957
105  CH GayleWest Indies v England2004t1712
105  JL LangerAustralia v England2005t1763
104  GL JessopEngland v Australia1902t74
104  H SutcliffeEngland v South Africa1929t185
104  RB KanhaiWest Indies v England1966t609
103  PS McDonnellAustralia v England1884t16
103  FS JacksonEngland v Australia1893t40
103  J HardstaffEngland v New Zealand1937t262
103  DM WellhamAustralia v England1981t908
102  HJH ScottAustralia v England1884t16
102*CAG RussellEngland v Australia1921t144
102*AJ LambEngland v New Zealand1983t957
102  Saleem MalikPakistan v England1987t1079
102*JL LangerAustralia v England2001t1558
101*WR HammondEngland v South Africa1929t185
101  KP PietersenEngland v India2007t1842
100  JB HobbsEngland v Australia1926t167
100*WR HammondEngland v New Zealand1931t210
100  WJ EdrichEngland v New Zealand1949t317
100*P WilleyEngland v West Indies1980t883
100*Saleem MalikPakistan v England1996t1332
100  KP PietersenEngland v South Africa2008t1885



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