Middlesex County Cricket Club


Kennington Oval, Kennington - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

16Surrey v Nottinghamshire1880f2320
20Kent v Surrey1870f1604
25Middlesex v Surrey1885f2866
25Worcestershire v Surrey1954f20656
26Yorkshire v Surrey1909f7829
31Sussex v Surrey1857f1031
31Glamorgan v Surrey1957f21702
32Hampshire v Surrey1885f2858
32Northamptonshire v Surrey1905f6771
33Surrey v Lancashire1873f1764
35Sussex v Surrey1857f1031
35South v North1889f3354
35Surrey v Somerset1937f15759
36Surrey Club v Marylebone Cricket Club1846f709
36Middlesex v Surrey1851f853
36Surrey v Lancashire1881f2437
37Surrey Club v Marylebone Cricket Club1846f709
37Somerset v Surrey1891f3602
37Somerset v Surrey1891f3602
37Glamorgan v Surrey1929f12719
39Surrey v England1859f1096
39South v North1869f1526
40Surrey v Cambridge University1876f1955
40Leicestershire v Surrey1899f5047
40Worcestershire v Surrey1930f13030
40Worcestershire v Surrey1954f20656
40Nottinghamshire v Surrey1955f21027
41Middlesex v Surrey1910f8075
42North v South1853f920
42Derbyshire v Surrey1887f3184
43Marylebone Cricket Club v Surrey Club1851f859
43Surrey v Cambridge University1878f2118
43Sussex v Surrey1907f7148
43Northamptonshire v Surrey1913f8776
43Yorkshire v Surrey1973f29711
44Surrey v England1849f809
44Yorkshire v Surrey1862f1179
44Nottinghamshire v Surrey1874f1844
44Nottinghamshire v Surrey1891f3651
44Australia v England1896f4545
44Surrey v Yorkshire1935f15159
45Kent v Surrey1891f3676
45Surrey v Middlesex1896f4479
45Warwickshire v Surrey1953f19973
46Surrey v Gloucestershire1870f1596
46Essex v Surrey1912f8715
48Nottinghamshire v Surrey1851f862
48Cambridgeshire v Surrey1862f1202
48Players v Gentlemen1879f2227
48Surrey v Australians1882f2480
48Surrey v Lancashire1882f2565
48Gloucestershire v Surrey1888f3234
48Kent v Surrey1889f3426
48Oxford University v Surrey1910f8008
51Surrey v North1860f1129
51Northamptonshire v Surrey1910f8057
51Northamptonshire v Surrey1910f8057
51Nottinghamshire v Surrey1952f19735
51Middlesex v Surrey1954f20615
51New Zealanders v Surrey1958f22161
52Kent v Surrey1850f830
52New England Eleven v New All England Eleven1862f1215
52Surrey v Yorkshire1868f1510
52Australians v Surrey1888f3300
52Surrey v Yorkshire1900f5422
52Surrey v Kent1903f6221
52Worcestershire v Surrey1909f7682
52Surrey v Essex1936f15385
52England v Australia1948f18095
52Derbyshire v Surrey1949f18288
52Warwickshire v Surrey1953f19973
53Surrey v Nottinghamshire1878f2177
53Middlesex v Surrey1888f3291
53Nottinghamshire v Surrey1888f3308
53Kent v Surrey1889f3426
53Derbyshire v Surrey1909f7666
53Surrey v Sussex1924f10867
54New Zealanders v Surrey1958f22373
55Leicestershire v Surrey1896f4401
55Northamptonshire v Surrey1905f6771
55Nottinghamshire v Surrey1910f8069
56Kent v Surrey1846f715
56Sussex v Surrey1850f826
56Surrey v Nottinghamshire1874f1844
56Kent v Surrey1882f2540
56South v Australians1884f2835
56Surrey v Yorkshire1886f2980
56Glamorgan v Surrey1955f20875
56Leicestershire v Surrey1956f21308
57Cambridge University v Surrey1873f1749
57Middlesex v Surrey1890f3511
57Surrey v Middlesex1903f6235
57Surrey v Gloucestershire1937f15787
57Kent v Surrey1954f20437
57Kent v Surrey1957f21845
57Surrey v Worcestershire1958f22452
58Marylebone Cricket Club v Surrey Club1846f709
58Surrey Club v Marylebone Cricket Club1852f899
58Nottinghamshire v Surrey1868f1491
58Oxford and Cambridge Universities Past and Present v Gentlemen of England1874f1812
58Hampshire v Surrey1896f4456
58Surrey v Northamptonshire1913f8776
58Warwickshire v Surrey1920f9559
58Surrey v Australians1953f19957
59England v Surrey and Sussex1857f1035
59Surrey and Sussex v England1867f1459
59Surrey v Yorkshire1879f2261
59Players v Gentlemen1891f3627
59Hampshire v Surrey1949f18264
60Marylebone Cricket Club v Surrey Club1859f1081
60Surrey v Yorkshire1863f1222
60Surrey v Yorkshire1870f1612
60Surrey v Nottinghamshire1872f1718
60Leicestershire v Surrey1911f8203
60Sussex v Surrey1929f12646
60Surrey v Derbyshire1935f14911
60Yorkshire v Surrey1973f29711
60Essex v Surrey1980f33086
61South v North1852f891
61Gentlemen v Players1888f3286
61Worcestershire v Surrey1904f6312
61Surrey v Warwickshire1962f24206
62England v Surrey1858f1064
62Surrey v Yorkshire1867f1421
62Gloucestershire v Surrey1880f2292
62Surrey v Yorkshire1909f7829
62Warwickshire v Surrey1911f8196
62Glamorgan v Surrey1957f21702
63Marylebone Cricket Club v Surrey Club1846f709
63Marylebone Cricket Club v Surrey Club1851f859
63Gentlemen v Players1857f1025
63Surrey v Sussex1871f1667
63Australia v England1882f2570
63Yorkshire v Surrey1886f2980
63Yorkshire v Surrey1887f3187
63Derbyshire v Surrey1894f4007
63Hampshire v Surrey1904f6295
63Surrey v Kent1911f8397
63Sussex v Surrey1939f16502
63Oxford University v Surrey1953f20075
63Warwickshire v Surrey1958f22186
63Warwickshire v Surrey1985f35883
64Sussex v Surrey1850f826
64Kent v Surrey1857f1019
64Hampshire v Surrey1865f1342
64South v North1878f2187
64Surrey v Australians1899f5068
64Sussex v Surrey1906f6887
64Warwickshire v Surrey1920f9559
64Gloucestershire v Surrey1923f10487
64Leicestershire v Surrey1923f10542
65Surrey Club v Marylebone Cricket Club1853f924
65Gloucestershire v Surrey1909f7723
65Australia v England1912f8686
66Surrey v Nottinghamshire1860f1117
66Surrey v Marylebone Cricket Club1870f1593
66Kent v Surrey1876f2000
66Surrey v Yorkshire1881f2432
66Leicestershire v Surrey1923f10542
66Essex v Surrey1933f14254
66Somerset v Surrey1958f22442
67Surrey v Nottinghamshire1852f888
67Marylebone Cricket Club v Surrey Club1853f924
67Kent v Surrey1888f3260
67Oxford University v Surrey1889f3383
67Yorkshire v Surrey1891f3638
67Leicestershire v Surrey1904f6506
67Surrey v Middlesex1912f8671
67Kent and Yorkshire v The Rest1913f9000
67Kent v Surrey1963f24700
67Derbyshire v Surrey1964f25353
68Surrey v Nottinghamshire1853f932
68Surrey v All England Eleven1855f967
68Players of Surrey v Gentlemen of the South1863f1241
68Surrey v Nottinghamshire1875f1922
68Yorkshire v Surrey1876f1998
68Australia v England1886f3061
68South v North1889f3354
68Essex v Surrey1900f5315
68Hampshire v Surrey1906f6824
68Hampshire v Surrey1908f7361
68Gloucestershire v Surrey1957f21799
68Leicestershire v Surrey1975f30650
68Nottinghamshire v Surrey1993f40616
69Surrey v Middlesex1880f2314
69Nottinghamshire v Surrey1896f4537
69Surrey v Warwickshire1903f6040
69Middlesex v Surrey1956f21492
70Surrey v Sussex1855f975
70Kent v Surrey1862f1198
70Kent v Surrey1866f1385
70Hampshire v Surrey1884f2730
70Yorkshire v Surrey1958f22346
71Yorkshire v Surrey1851f870
71Surrey v Nottinghamshire1852f888
71Gloucestershire v Surrey1872f1684
71Players v Australians1884f2799
71Yorkshire v Surrey1886f2980
71Worcestershire v Surrey1903f6096
71Hampshire v Surrey1904f6295
71Surrey v Indians1952f19718
71Surrey v The Rest1956f21546
71Surrey v Middlesex1960f23396
71Surrey v Leicestershire1961f23849
72Middlesex v Surrey1850f820
72Surrey v Yorkshire1871f1665
72Essex v Surrey1894f4052
72Hampshire v Surrey1896f4456
72Northamptonshire v Surrey1913f8776
72Sussex v Surrey1930f13103
72Surrey v The Rest1956f21546
72Kent v Surrey1986f36460
73Players v Gentlemen1879f2227
73Nottinghamshire v Surrey1894f4110
73Surrey v Yorkshire1903f6186
73Surrey v Kent1906f6894
73Derbyshire v Surrey1909f7666
73Nottinghamshire v Surrey1954f20598
74Cambridgeshire v Surrey1857f1022
74Surrey v Marylebone Cricket Club1870f1593
74Sussex v Surrey1884f2833
74Cambridge University v Surrey1889f3376
74Gloucestershire v Surrey1890f3483
74Australians v South1890f3498
74Cambridge University v Surrey1894f4037
74Lancashire v Surrey1894f4124
74Leicestershire v Surrey1899f5047
74Hampshire v Surrey1899f5253
74Warwickshire v Surrey1910f7914
74New Zealanders v Surrey1958f22161
74Warwickshire v Surrey1988f37597
75Surrey v Sussex1852f896
75North v South1853f920
75Married v Single1858f1069
75Sussex v Surrey1863f1226
75Lancashire v Surrey1883f2686
75Middlesex v Surrey1892f3736
75Surrey v Kent1978f32121
76Middlesex v Surrey1869f1556
76Surrey v Lancashire1873f1764
76Gentlemen v Players1878f2138
76Players v Australians1878f2181
76Gentlemen v Players1888f3286
76Surrey v Yorkshire1890f3557
76Surrey v Essex1903f6057
76Lancashire v Surrey1951f19079
76Surrey v Glamorgan1954f20538
77All England Eleven v Surrey1848f780
77All England Eleven v Surrey1852f882
77Players of the South v Gentlemen of the South1874f1819
77Surrey v Yorkshire1876f1998
77Australians v Players1878f2181
77South v North1879f2236
77England v Australia1882f2570
77Middlesex v Surrey1885f2866
77Gloucestershire v Surrey1906f6858
77Middlesex v Surrey1952f19754
77Worcestershire v Surrey1955f20952
77Worcestershire v Surrey1967f26793
77Lancashire v Surrey1985f35739
78Sussex v Surrey1856f1002
78Gentlemen of the North v Gentlemen of the South1858f1062
78Gloucestershire v England1877f2061
78Lancashire v Surrey1881f2437
78Oxford University v Surrey1882f2505
78Surrey v Yorkshire1895f4334
78Leicestershire v Surrey1897f4633
78Yorkshire v Surrey1898f4980
78Surrey v Essex1900f5315
78WG Grace's XI v Surrey1907f7087
78Yorkshire v The Rest1912f8730
78Gloucestershire v Surrey1924f10954
78Gloucestershire v Surrey1954f20554
78Leicestershire v Surrey1957f21873
79Surrey v Sussex1849f800
79Gentlemen of the South v Gentlemen of the North1862f1193
79Gentlemen of the South v Players of the South1864f1271
79Players of the South v Gentlemen of the South1865f1319
79Yorkshire v Surrey1865f1343
79England v Surrey and Middlesex1868f1507
79Kent v Surrey1884f2830
79Surrey v Lancashire1887f3180
79Somerset v Surrey1892f3726
79Kent v Surrey1898f4994
79Northamptonshire v Surrey1906f6827
79Surrey v Australians1921f9841
79Derbyshire v Surrey1957f21855
79Somerset v Surrey1959f22695
79Surrey v Australians1961f23903
80Cambridgeshire v Surrey1857f1022
80Kent v Surrey1865f1334
80Surrey v Australians1878f2111
80Sussex v Surrey1879f2246
80Surrey v Middlesex1880f2314
80Sussex v Surrey1883f2644
80Australia v England1888f3313
80Australians v Surrey1893f3864
80Gentlemen v Players1927f12029
80Surrey v Glamorgan1966f26232
81Surrey v Nottinghamshire1853f932
81Surrey v Cambridgeshire1857f1022
81North v Surrey1857f1027
81Surrey v Yorkshire1861f1143
81Lancashire v Surrey1870f1602
81Surrey v Lancashire1881f2437
81Gloucestershire v Surrey1895f4241
81Somerset v Surrey1926f11604
81Royal Navy v Royal Air Force1927f12121
81Surrey v Glamorgan2014f55570
82Players v Australians1878f2181
82Surrey v Oxford University1882f2505
82Surrey v Lancashire1883f2686
82Australians v Surrey1886f2979
82Gloucestershire v Surrey1894f4018
82Surrey v Warwickshire1903f6040
82Gentlemen of Philadelphia v PF Warner's XI1903f6178
82Gloucestershire v Surrey1907f7127
82Worcestershire v Surrey1909f7682
82Surrey v Nottinghamshire1931f13627
82Worcestershire v Surrey1953f20129
83Kent v Surrey1846f715
83Kent v Surrey1853f929
83Nottinghamshire v Surrey1860f1117
83Surrey v Nottinghamshire1871f1660
83Surrey v Nottinghamshire1876f1983
83England v Gloucestershire1877f2061
83Somerset v Surrey1885f2935
83Nottinghamshire v Surrey1890f3541
83Nottinghamshire v Surrey1895f4325
83Derbyshire v Surrey1910f7916
83South Africans v Surrey1947f17467
83Lancashire v Surrey1958f22249
83Surrey v Derbyshire1960f23350
84Kent v Surrey1850f830
84All England Eleven v Surrey1850f834
84Players of the South v Gentlemen of the South1875f1887
84Gloucestershire v Surrey1880f2292
84Somerset v Surrey1883f2667
84Nottinghamshire v Surrey1889f3411
84England v Australia1896f4545
84Surrey v Yorkshire1903f6186
84Kent v Surrey1905f6776
84Surrey v Yorkshire1934f14760
84Warwickshire v Surrey1948f17967
84Nottinghamshire v Surrey1952f19735
84Worcestershire v Surrey1960f23170
84Yorkshire v Surrey1961f23781
84Lancashire v Surrey1988f37689
84Glamorgan v Surrey1999f44512
85Sussex v Surrey1856f1002
85Cambridgeshire v Surrey1871f1637
85Cambridge University v Surrey1874f1815
85Surrey v Cambridge University1875f1883
85Cambridge University v Surrey1886f3017
85Derbyshire v Surrey1894f4007
85Cambridge University v Surrey1894f4037
85Surrey v England1895f4223
85Surrey v Lancashire1895f4339
85Surrey v Yorkshire1955f20887
85Derbyshire v Surrey1966f26212
85Surrey v Derbyshire1968f27217
85Surrey v Indians1974f30119
86All England Eleven v Surrey1852f882
86South v North1853f920
86Sussex v Surrey1867f1455
86Kent v Surrey1881f2449
86Middlesex v Surrey1891f3612
86Nottinghamshire v Surrey1891f3651
86Surrey v Middlesex1900f5431
86Surrey v Gentlemen of England1905f6544
86Leicestershire v Surrey1906f6831
86Surrey v Essex1914f9110
86Surrey v Lancashire1952f19691
86West Indies v England1957f21960
86Warwickshire v Surrey1957f21980
86Cambridge University v Surrey1988f37571
86Kent v Surrey1998f43726
87Surrey v Middlesex1850f820
87Middlesex v Surrey1851f853
87Marylebone Cricket Club v Surrey Club1859f1081
87Surrey v Yorkshire1870f1612
87Australians v A Shaw's XI1882f2582
87Surrey v Somerset1902f5923
87Warwickshire v Surrey1911f8196
87Sussex v Surrey1913f8881
87Surrey v West Indians1923f10671
87Surrey v Nottinghamshire1956f21473
87Leicestershire v Surrey1957f21873
87Surrey v Yorkshire1959f22752
87Northamptonshire v Surrey1968f27192
88South v North1851f857
88Kent and Sussex v Surrey1859f1102
88Yorkshire v Surrey1861f1143
88Surrey v Gloucestershire1879f2209
88Middlesex v Surrey1897f4713
88Lancashire v Surrey1925f11302
88Worcestershire v Surrey1932f13777
88Lancashire v Surrey1954f20664
89Middlesex v Surrey1850f820
89Surrey Club v Marylebone Cricket Club1851f859
89Lancashire v Surrey1868f1493
89Australians v Players1878f2181
89Kent v Surrey1879f2253
89Surrey v Australians1888f3231
89Surrey v Kent1903f6221
89Somerset v Surrey1909f7784
89Surrey v Kent1912f8598
89Somerset v Surrey1952f19656
89West Indies v England1957f21960
89Surrey v Northamptonshire1963f24875
89Warwickshire v Surrey1986f36350
90England v Surrey1849f809
90Middlesex v Surrey1886f2983
90Sussex v Surrey1895f4310
90Cambridge University v Surrey1900f5363
90Sussex v Surrey1907f7148
90Warwickshire v Surrey1935f14930
90Sussex v Surrey1955f21090
90Worcestershire v Surrey1957f21717
90Middlesex v Surrey1984f35247
91Marylebone Cricket Club v Surrey1847f749
91Gentlemen of the North v Gentlemen of the South1859f1087
91Gentlemen v Players1859f1091
91Surrey v England1865f1348
91Sussex v Surrey1866f1372
91Middlesex v Surrey1873f1767
91Surrey v Gloucestershire1885f2887
91Sussex v Surrey1890f3535
91Kent v Surrey1891f3676
91Australia v England1893f3943
91Sussex v Surrey1905f6571
91Gloucestershire v Surrey1952f19524
92Surrey v Kent1853f929
92Surrey v Yorkshire1867f1421
92Kent v Surrey1872f1726
92Sussex v Surrey1873f1745
92Surrey v Nottinghamshire1878f2177
92Yorkshire v Surrey1879f2261
92Surrey v Kent1883f2689
92Middlesex v Surrey1886f2983
92Lancashire v Surrey1886f2995
92Gloucestershire v Surrey1889f3371
92Surrey v Kent1889f3426
92Australia v England1890f3546
92Gloucestershire v Surrey1893f3870
92Gentlemen v Players1894f4073
92Essex v Surrey1895f4202
92Kent v Surrey1911f8397
92Somerset v Surrey1919f9335
92Surrey v Essex1951f19131
92Kent v Surrey1953f20045
92Glamorgan v Surrey1958f22339
92Leicestershire v Surrey1961f23849
92Gloucestershire v Surrey1965f25910
92Gloucestershire v Surrey1969f27744
93Surrey v Marylebone Cricket Club1868f1471
93Surrey v Middlesex1868f1500
93Sussex v Surrey1878f2161
93Players v Gentlemen1880f2306
93South Africa v England1912f8673
93Surrey v Middlesex1977f31535
94All England Eleven v Surrey1851f850
94Surrey v Oxford University1869f1531
94Surrey v Gloucestershire1871f1630
94Gentlemen v Players1880f2306
94Lancashire v Surrey1895f4339
94Surrey v Sussex1896f4501
94Gloucestershire v Surrey1903f6075
94Northamptonshire v Surrey1909f7625
94Derbyshire v Surrey1938f16103
94Lancashire v Surrey1955f20855
94India v England2014f55726
95Surrey v Middlesex1863f1251
95Yorkshire v Surrey1865f1343
95Surrey v Yorkshire1874f1850
95Sussex v Surrey1881f2426
95Middlesex v Surrey1883f2623
95South Africa v England1912f8673
95Derbyshire v Surrey1952f19777
95Glamorgan v Surrey1954f20538
95Warwickshire v Surrey1957f21980
95Surrey v Kent1978f32121
96Players of the South v Gentlemen of the South1865f1319
96South v North1885f2901
96Derbyshire v Surrey1896f4446
96Surrey v Australians1902f5783
96Cambridge University v Surrey1903f6115
96Surrey v Lancashire1956f21534
96Kent v Surrey1960f23253
96Kent v Surrey1964f25278
96Yorkshire v Surrey1972f29258
97Yorkshire v Surrey1861f1143
97Surrey and Middlesex v England1868f1507
97Kent v Surrey1870f1604
97Nottinghamshire v Surrey1877f2057
97Surrey v Australians1884f2726
97Leicestershire v Surrey1894f4079
97Surrey v Lancashire1894f4124
97Somerset v Surrey1911f8417
97Sussex v Surrey1936f15342
97Surrey v Warwickshire1946f17331
97Surrey v Yorkshire1950f18837
97Surrey v Derbyshire1966f26212
97Surrey v Middlesex1988f37514
97Derbyshire v Surrey2000f45237
98Surrey v Yorkshire1865f1343
98Sussex v Surrey1868f1488
98Middlesex v Surrey1878f2163
98Surrey v Warwickshire1894f4004
98Cambridge University v Surrey1905f6651
98WG Grace's XI v Surrey1907f7087
98Gloucestershire v Surrey1908f7371
98India v England1952f19764
98Kent v Surrey1956f21388
98Lancashire v Surrey1980f33233
99Marylebone Cricket Club v Surrey Club1855f977
99Surrey v England1866f1395
99Surrey v Oxford University1868f1484
99Gloucestershire v Surrey1875f1876
99Surrey v Yorkshire1880f2333
99Surrey v Nottinghamshire1886f3053
99Sussex v Surrey1888f3312
99Gentlemen v Players1890f3515
99Lancashire v Surrey1892f3796
99Worcestershire v Surrey1908f7443
99Worcestershire v Surrey1953f20129
99Northamptonshire v Surrey1954f20412
99Somerset v Surrey1955f20831
99Surrey v Yorkshire1956f21353
99Worcestershire v Surrey1959f22723



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