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Kennington Oval, Kennington - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

496-4Surrey v Gloucestershire2007a18204
438-5Surrey v Glamorgan2002a14361
429Glamorgan v Surrey2002a14361
391-5Essex v Surrey2008a18986
386-3Surrey v Glamorgan2010a20688
376-6Worcestershire v Surrey2010a20746
361-8Surrey v Nottinghamshire2001a13556
359-8Hampshire v Surrey2005a16741
358-6Surrey v Hampshire2005a16741
357-2Worcestershire v Surrey1994a8762
350Surrey v Worcestershire1994a8762
347-4New Zealand v United States of America2004a16127
346Surrey v Netherlands1996a9924
343-6Surrey v Lancashire1994a8711
334-5Yorkshire v Surrey2005a16575
333-6Surrey v Hampshire1996a9809
331-5Surrey v Hampshire1990a6509
330-6Yorkshire v Surrey2009a19824
329-8Surrey v Yorkshire2009a19824
328-5Australia v Sri Lanka1975a1423
325-9Durham v Surrey2011a21495
322-6England v New Zealand1983a3677
322-6Young Australia v Surrey1995a9369
322-7Surrey v Kent2003a15115
319-8Sri Lanka v England2006a17492
317-6Surrey v Nottinghamshire1993a8163
317-8India v England2007a18371
316-6England v India2007a18371
316-7Kent v Surrey2003a15115
315-6Middlesex v Surrey2008a18952
315-9Surrey v Buckinghamshire1998a11261
314-6Kent v Surrey2008a19146
314-7Nottinghamshire v Surrey1993a8163
314-8Kent v Surrey2014a23453
314-9Surrey v Kent2014a23453
310-8Surrey v Sussex1997a10506
308-6Surrey v Yorkshire1995a9376
308-7Surrey v Gloucestershire1996a9821
308-8Surrey v Leicestershire1997a10558
307-4Surrey v Middlesex1992a7508
307-4Gloucestershire v Surrey1996a9821
307-5Surrey v Kent1996a9845
307-5England v India2004a16115
306-5England v West Indies1995a9248
306-6Surrey v Gloucestershire2009a19798
305-7Surrey v Lancashire1992a7575
304-6Surrey v Warwickshire1985a4383
304-7Middlesex v Surrey1995a9330
303-5Somerset v Surrey2010a20680
303Surrey v Scotland2013a22735
302-5England v Pakistan1992a7564
300-9Warwickshire v Surrey1985a4383
299-3Surrey v Minor Counties1992a7529
299Sussex v Surrey1997a10506
297-3Sri Lanka v England2013a22677
297-6Surrey v Gloucestershire2003a15239
297-7Surrey v Derbyshire2013a22754
296-6Surrey v Somerset1998a11166
296-7England v South Africa2008a19140
296-8Yorkshire v Surrey1995a9376
295-6Surrey v Somerset2012a21956
294-9Derbyshire v Surrey2013a22754
293-6West Indies v Pakistan1979a2450
293-7England v Sri Lanka2013a22677
291-8England v India1996a9864
291Surrey v Yorkshire2005a16575
290-5Australia v England2010a20631
289-8Sussex v Surrey2014a23459
289Surrey v Durham2011a21495
288-3Surrey v Somerset1994a8607
287-4Durham v Surrey2009a19804
287Somerset v Surrey1998a11166
286-7Gloucestershire v Surrey1989a6034
286Surrey v Worcestershire2010a20746
284-9Surrey v Somerset2014a23499
283-9Leicestershire v Surrey2003a15333
282-5Gloucestershire v Surrey2006a17605
282-6Australia v India1999a11962
282-7Kent v Surrey2008a18973
282-9West Indies v India1983a3696
281-8Surrey v Warwickshire2003a15078
281West Indies v England1995a9248
280-3Kent v Surrey1976a1715
280-5Surrey v Middlesex1970a373
280-8Surrey v Glamorgan2007a18357
279-5Somerset v Surrey2006a17425
279-7Surrey v Durham1982a3370
278-6Essex v Surrey1996a10001
278-6Surrey v Gloucestershire2006a17605
278-7Surrey v Leicestershire1990a6687
277-4Surrey v Yorkshire2006a17582
277-6Sussex v Surrey1977a1923
276-4Sri Lanka v Australia1975a1423
276-6Surrey v Essex1982a3265
276-9England v India1982a3330
275-5Surrey v Essex1996a10001
275-7Surrey v Leicestershire2006a17550
274-5Sussex v Surrey2006a17402
274-7Surrey v Kent2007a18191
274Hampshire v Surrey1996a9809
273-6Middlesex v Surrey1983a3620
273-9Surrey v Northamptonshire2011a21444
273England v Sri Lanka2006a17492
272-9Middlesex v Surrey1970a373
272-9Surrey v Sussex2006a17402
272Yorkshire v Surrey1969a204
271-6Essex v Surrey1995a9322
271-9Pakistan v Zimbabwe1999a11974
271Kent v Surrey2007a18191
270-3Surrey v Gloucestershire1998a11130
270-6Warwickshire v Surrey1994a8658
268-3Lancashire v Surrey1990a6517
268-4Surrey v Middlesex1992a7721
268-5Kent v Surrey1973a930
268-5Surrey v Glamorgan2000a12853
268-6Surrey v Gloucestershire1964a29
268-6Surrey v Northamptonshire2008a19109
268Surrey v Essex2004a15902
267-4Surrey v Lancashire1990a6517
267-7Surrey v Warwickshire1994a8658
267Somerset v Surrey2014a23499
266-7Gloucestershire v Surrey1998a11130
265-2Surrey v Gloucestershire1995a9339
265-4England v South Africa2003a15185
265-6Surrey v Northamptonshire2004a16019
264-5Derbyshire v Surrey2005a16748
264-6South Africa v England2003a15185
264Surrey v Kent1976a1715
263-4Surrey v Derbyshire1967a95
263-4Yorkshire v Surrey1990a6545
263-8Surrey v Gloucestershire2002a14578
263Pakistan v England1992a7564
263Leicestershire v Surrey1994a8695
263Surrey v British Universities1998a11149
262-3Surrey v Middlesex1994a8789
262-6Surrey v Yorkshire1990a6545
262-6Kent v Surrey1997a10451
262Surrey v Hampshire2002a14478
261-4Surrey v New Zealanders1994a8610
261-4Middlesex v Surrey1994a8789
261-6Essex v Surrey1991a6983
261-9Northamptonshire v Surrey2011a21444
261Leicestershire v Surrey1981a3050
260-5Australia v England2009a19932
260-8Surrey v Derbyshire2005a16748
259-4Surrey v Leicestershire2005a16783
259-8New Zealanders v Surrey1994a8610
259-9Surrey v Lancashire1993a8068
258-5Leicestershire v Surrey2005a16783
258-7Middlesex v Surrey1988a5781
258-7Surrey v Somerset1989a6131
258-9Somerset v Surrey2007a18381
257-9Surrey v Kent2002a14268
257Surrey v Kent1997a10451
256-4Surrey v Yorkshire1989a6139
256-8England v Australia2009a19932
256Warwickshire v Surrey2003a15078
255-9Yorkshire v Surrey1989a6139
254-7Somerset v Surrey1985a4479
254-8Surrey v Glamorgan1989a6174
253-4Surrey v Derbyshire1994a8631
253-4England v Australia1997a10524
253-6Surrey v Sri Lankans1990a6705
253-8Surrey v Gloucestershire1992a7547
253-8Sri Lanka v Australia2013a22689
253-9Surrey v Somerset2007a18381
253-9Surrey v Sussex2014a23459
253Surrey v Essex1991a7145
253Somerset v Surrey1994a8607
253Surrey v Somerset2006a17425
252-4England v Australia2012a22023
252-5Surrey v Middlesex1965a58
252-5Gloucestershire v Surrey1992a7547
252-9Leicestershire v Surrey1998a11291
251-5Surrey v Durham1997a10583
251-5Durham v Surrey2000a12936
251-7Australia v England2012a22023
250-5Surrey v Combined Universities1979a2351
250-8Middlesex v Surrey1965a58
250Pakistan v West Indies1979a2450



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