Cattle Market Ground, Islington - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in first-class cricket

3BB CooperSussex v Middlesex1864f1261
3RP CarpenterMiddlesex v Cambridgeshire1866f1369
3G HowittSurrey v Middlesex1866f1394
2J LillywhiteMiddlesex v Sussex1864f1261
2J RandolphMiddlesex v Marylebone Cricket Club1864f1287
2RA FitzgeraldMarylebone Cricket Club v Middlesex1864f1287
2VE WalkerMarylebone Cricket Club v Middlesex1864f1287
2W CatlingMarylebone Cricket Club v Middlesex1864f1287
2BB CooperHampshire v Middlesex1865f1309
2AJA WilkinsonHampshire v Middlesex1865f1309
2SC VoulesGentlemen of Middlesex v Gentlemen of England1865f1330
2AJA WilkinsonGentlemen of England v Gentlemen of Middlesex1865f1330
2FR ReynoldsMiddlesex v Lancashire1865f1339
2J SmithMiddlesex v Lancashire1865f1339
2AWT DanielSurrey v Middlesex1865f1347
2J CaesarMiddlesex v Surrey1865f1347
2RD WalkerSurrey v Middlesex1865f1347
2HB SaundersMiddlesex v Cambridgeshire1866f1369
2VE WalkerLancashire v Middlesex1866f1390
2J CaesarMiddlesex v Surrey1866f1394
2C CalvertSurrey v Middlesex1866f1394
2G HowittSurrey v Middlesex1866f1394
2R DaftMiddlesex v Nottinghamshire1866f1399
2RC TinleyMiddlesex v Nottinghamshire1867f1428
2G HowittSurrey v Middlesex1867f1444
2G HowittSurrey v Middlesex1867f1444
2ID WalkerGentlemen of the North v Gentlemen of the South1867f1445
2VE WalkerSussex v Middlesex1868f1476
2AJA WilkinsonSussex v Middlesex1868f1476
2E WillsherMiddlesex v Kent1868f1497
2ID WalkerKent v Middlesex1868f1497
2T HumphreyMiddlesex v Surrey1868f1508
2AWT DanielSurrey v Middlesex1868f1508
2ID WalkerSurrey v Middlesex1868f1508



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