Cattle Market Ground, Islington - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

35Surrey v Middlesex1868f1508
60Yorkshire v Middlesex1868f1506
63North v South1864f1298
65Middlesex v Cambridgeshire1866f1369
68Hampshire v Middlesex1865f1309
77Gentlemen of the North v Gentlemen of the South1867f1445
83North v South1864f1298
86Marylebone Cricket Club v Middlesex1864f1287
86Middlesex v Yorkshire1868f1506
89Hampshire v Middlesex1865f1309
89Surrey v Middlesex1868f1508
93Hampshire v Middlesex1864f1278
93Marylebone Cricket Club v Middlesex1864f1287
94Kent v Middlesex1868f1497
98Sussex v Middlesex1864f1261
99Middlesex v Cambridgeshire1866f1369



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