St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury - Highest Team Totals in Twenty20 matches

217-4Surrey v Kent2006tt429
210-6Middlesex v Kent2016tt5777
208-4Kent v Middlesex2014tt4366
207-2Middlesex v Kent2012tt3008
200-2Kent v Somerset2016tt5714
197-7Somerset v Kent2016tt5714
195-7Kent v Somerset2014tt4451
193-3Kent v Hampshire2016tt5749
193-4Essex v Kent2014tt4375
192Middlesex v Kent2014tt4366
190-2Essex v Kent2016tt5849
189-5Kent v Essex2014tt4375
187-4Hampshire v Kent2015tt4954
187-7Essex v Kent2009tt1216
186-8Surrey v Kent2003tt34
185-4Middlesex v Kent2010tt1747
185-6Hampshire v Kent2013tt3763
185-7New Zealanders v Kent2013tt3650
185-9Kent v Sussex2015tt4896
185-9Hampshire v Kent2016tt5749
183-5Kent v Hampshire2015tt4954
183-6Kent v Middlesex2010tt1747
182-3Sussex v Kent2007tt659
181-3Kent v Sussex2007tt659
178-6Sussex v Kent2015tt4896
176-3Surrey v Kent2013tt3664
175-7Kent v Surrey2014tt4471
174-4Kent v Essex2015tt4965
173-3Kent v Sussex2013tt3744
173-6Essex v Kent2015tt4965
173-6Kent v Somerset2015tt5035
173-9Hampshire v Kent2014tt4423
170-7Kent v Middlesex2016tt5777
168-9Kent v Surrey2003tt34
166-6Kent v Hampshire2008tt936
166-6Kent v Sussex2016tt5786
166-7Surrey v Kent2008tt982
165-9Kent v Gloucestershire2010tt1827
164-6Indians v Kent2011tt2368
164-6Essex v Kent2013tt3674
164-6Sussex v Kent2013tt3744
163-6Kent v Sussex2004tt95
162-7Hampshire v Kent2008tt936
160-9Kent v Surrey2008tt982
159-5Kent v Indians2011tt2368
159-6Sussex v Kent2011tt2323
159-7Kent v Middlesex2012tt3008
157Kent v Surrey2006tt429
157Kent v Essex2016tt5849
156-2Kent v Essex2011tt2299
156-4Sussex v Kent2016tt5786
154-4Kent v Essex2005tt228
154-7Surrey v Kent2014tt4471
153-8Essex v Kent2011tt2299
153Gloucestershire v Kent2010tt1827
151-9Somerset v Kent2015tt5035



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