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St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury - Seven Wickets in an Innings in first-class cricket

10-69EM GraceGentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club v Gentlemen of Kent1862f1209
10-92WG GraceGentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club v Kent1873f1776
10-129J LillywhiteSouth v North1872f1714
9-34J JacksonEngland v Kent1860f1133
9-35J JacksonKent v England1858f1070
9-43H ArkwrightGentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club v Gentlemen of Kent1861f1170
9-49GS SobersWest Indians v Kent1966f26360
9-53H ArkwrightGentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club v Gentlemen of Kent1861f1170
9-67C BlytheKent v Essex1903f6190
9-79H ArkwrightGentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club v Gentlemen of Kent1864f1291
9-79PR AdamsSouth Africans v Kent2003f47378
9-104AP FreemanKent v West Indians1928f12520
9-108A FielderKent v Lancashire1907f7265
9-141SJ StaplesNottinghamshire v Kent1927f12099
8--1E HinklyKent v England1849f812
8--1J GrundyEngland v Kent1851f871
8-15G WoottonEngland v Kent1864f1290
8-16E WillsherKent v England1860f1133
8-20JC ShawNorth v South1869f1554
8-22AG NicholsonYorkshire v Kent1968f27390
8-26JW HearneMiddlesex v Kent1920f9719
8-26MJ McCagueKent v Hampshire1992f40077
8-27E WillsherKent v England1861f1169
8-30H TrumbleAustralians v Kent1902f5972
8-33FCL MatthewsNottinghamshire v Kent1924f11012
8-35R LipscombGentlemen of Kent v Gentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club1865f1341
8-35AP FreemanKent v Somerset1931f13625
8-38W CaffynEngland v Kent1861f1169
8-45T SewellKent v England1863f1246
8-52KJ DeanDerbyshire v Kent2000f45210
8-53GG HearneKent v Lancashire1879f2258
8-55W RhodesYorkshire v Kent1901f5702
8-55DL AcfieldEssex v Kent1981f33658
8-55DR GilbertGloucestershire v Kent1991f39489
8-60JA YoungMiddlesex v Kent1953f20172
8-61G BennettSouth v North1865f1340
8-66JC TredwellKent v Glamorgan2009f51593
8-70TM AldermanKent v Leicestershire1986f36487
8-71WM RoseNorth v South1871f1658
8-74AP FreemanKent v Nottinghamshire1929f12860
8-83C BlytheKent v Hampshire1908f7528
8-91AP FreemanKent v Hampshire1927f12091
8-94AP FreemanKent v Essex1928f12478
8-96MM PatelKent v Lancashire1994f41101
8-100SMJ WoodsSomerset v Kent1894f4043
8-101G WoottonNorth of the Thames v South of the Thames1868f1501
8-104E WillsherKent v Gentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club1867f1452
8-104F MorleyEngland v Kent and Gloucestershire1874f1841
8-114J LillywhiteSouth v North1873f1775
8-119MM PatelKent v Somerset2001f45961
7--1WR HillyerKent v England1847f752
7--1J WisdenEngland v Kent1849f812
7--1HW FellowsEngland v Kent1850f837
7--1AR HarencGentlemen of Kent and Sussex v Gentlemen of England1856f1009
7-7W CaffynSurrey v Kent1862f1188
7-20C BlytheKent v Worcestershire1914f9251
7-21J JacksonNorth v South1859f1104
7-21DL UnderwoodKent v Hampshire1984f35192
7-21DI StevensKent v Surrey2011f53317
7-22A ApplebyLancashire v Kent1880f2338
7-22A RichardsonWorcestershire v Kent2013f54846
7-24E WillsherSouth of the Thames v North of the Thames1866f1397
7-24GH HirstYorkshire v Kent1901f5702
7-26J GrundyEngland v Kent1852f903
7-26C BlytheKent v Yorkshire1903f6224
7-31GW RichardsonDerbyshire v Kent1959f22882
7-33R LipscombGentlemen of Kent v Marylebone Cricket Club1866f1400
7-33NE HaigMiddlesex v Kent1920f9719
7-34FE WoolleyKent v Middlesex1922f10354
7-35R LipscombGentlemen of the South v I Zingari1866f1398
7-38PH EdmondsMiddlesex v Kent1974f30232
7-38DL UnderwoodKent v Warwickshire1978f32194
7-39IJL TrottWarwickshire v Kent2003f47427
7-40W GoodhewGentlemen of Kent v Gentlemen of England1858f1071
7-41A FielderKent v Sussex1913f8939
7-41TA MuntonWarwickshire v Kent1993f40507
7-42J GrundyEngland v Kent1858f1070
7-42W WrightKent v Middlesex1889f3410
7-42AP FreemanKent v Glamorgan1932f14003
7-43W BarnesNottinghamshire v Kent1879f2205
7-45A FielderKent v Worcestershire1903f6198
7-46E WillsherSouth v North1871f1658
7-46DW CarrKent v Australians1912f8713
7-46CL CairnsNew Zealanders v Kent1999f44487
7-47JA YoungMiddlesex v Kent1949f18449
7-47RA WoolmerKent v Sussex1969f27685
7-48EM GraceGentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club v Kent1867f1452
7-48CL VincentSouth Africans v Kent1935f15162
7-49A FielderKent v Lancashire1906f6996
7-49RE EastEssex v Kent1981f33658
7-50RHB MarshamGentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club v Gentlemen of Kent1860f1134
7-50Syed RaselBangladesh A v Kent2005f48776
7-53LL WilkinsonLancashire v Kent1938f16288
7-53DR PringleEssex v Kent1984f35162
7-53MA EalhamKent v Hampshire1994f41206
7-54C BlytheKent v Leicestershire1913f8965
7-55WM BradleyKent v Surrey1901f5676
7-55PF HarveyNottinghamshire v Kent1948f18070
7-55DL UnderwoodKent v Worcestershire1983f34737
7-56CS MarriottKent v Nottinghamshire1934f14747
7-57WS NortonGentlemen of Kent v Gentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club1860f1134
7-58A CotterAustralians v Kent1905f6763
7-58CS MarriottKent v New Zealanders1931f13680
7-59AP FreemanKent v Somerset1931f13625
7-61JP AgnewLeicestershire v Kent1988f37643
7-63FS JacksonYorkshire v Kent1895f4328
7-63JB MortimoreGloucestershire v Kent1961f23917
7-64W HearneKent v Somerset1894f4043
7-64PAJ DeFreitasDerbyshire v Kent1997f43044
7-65GA MilmanGentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club v Gentlemen of Kent1863f1247
7-65RA WoolmerKent v Sussex1972f29282
7-67WG GraceGentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club v Kent1871f1659
7-67H TrumbleAustralians v Kent1896f4541
7-68EG ArnoldWorcestershire v Kent1903f6198
7-68AS KennedyHampshire v Kent1920f9710
7-69FJ ShacklockNottinghamshire v Kent1892f3779
7-69Zulfiqar AhmedPakistanis v Kent1954f20653
7-71WG GraceGentlemen of England v Gentlemen of Kent1880f2328
7-71D ShackletonHampshire v Kent1958f22379
7-73AH McKinnonSouth Africans v Kent1960f23408
7-74GE PalmerAustralians v Kent1884f2802
7-74Mushtaq AhmedSussex v Kent2006f49510
7-75W HearneKent v Nottinghamshire1892f3779
7-75FE WoolleyKent v Gentlemen of Philadelphia1908f7571
7-75DL UnderwoodKent v Middlesex1980f33231
7-76GW JohnsonKent v Northamptonshire1983f34806
7-77ARC FraserMiddlesex v Kent1989f38293
7-78G WoottonNorth of the Thames v South of the Thames1867f1451
7-78FS JacksonYorkshire v Kent1897f4768
7-78RC BranckerWest Indians v Kent1966f26360
7-78DL UnderwoodKent v Pakistanis1967f26824
7-80J BriggsLancashire v Kent1897f4761
7-81FJ TitmusMiddlesex v Kent1970f28342
7-86W BrearleyLancashire v Kent1911f8375
7-87CE McLeodAustralians v Kent1899f5213
7-88JA NewmanHampshire v Kent1922f10345
7-88CD ThorpDurham v Kent2008f50966
7-91C BlytheKent v Leicestershire1908f7560
7-93AL DixonKent v Yorkshire1967f26918
7-93DL UnderwoodKent v Essex1981f33658
7-94DVP WrightKent v Nottinghamshire1937f15892
7-95A PennKent v Gentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club1875f1908
7-95TG WassNottinghamshire v Kent1912f8666
7-95NBF MannSouth Africans v Kent1947f17723
7-97DA AllenGloucestershire v Kent1961f23917
7-100JM GregoryAustralian Imperial Forces v Kent1919f9464
7-103DL UnderwoodKent v Worcestershire1983f34737
7-105LW CookLancashire v Kent1907f7265
7-105SJE BrownDurham v Kent1992f39889
7-109WS NortonGentlemen of Kent v Gentlemen of Marylebone Cricket Club1862f1209
7-113TG WassNottinghamshire v Kent1913f8946



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