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St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

359-4Kent v Dorset1989a6109
338-5Somerset v Kent2006a17383
337-3Kent v Surrey2008a18990
337-7Kent v Sussex2013a22688
336-5Sussex v Kent2013a22688
328-9Kent v Warwickshire2002a14350
327-6Kent v Leicestershire1993a8161
322-5Middlesex v Kent2009a19784
320Surrey v Kent2008a18990
319-4Kent v Durham1998a11201
318-8Kent v Surrey1995a9183
317-5Essex v Kent2008a18945
306-6Kent v Warwickshire1997a10533
304-8Warwickshire v Kent1997a10533
303-5Kent v Middlesex1996a9901
301-7Kent v Surrey1995a9364
299-5Derbyshire v Kent Cricket Board2003a15091
297-3Kent v Worcestershire1970a331
297-5Kent v Leicestershire1991a6979
296-4Kent v Surrey1985a4492
296Somerset v Kent2009a19802
295-8Kent v Leicestershire1974a1254
293-5Kent v Sussex1967a103
293-8Surrey v Kent1985a4492
290-7South Africans v Kent1998a11188
289-8Kent v Warwickshire1993a8038
287-2Kent v Durham1974a1221
286-9Kent v Essex2008a18945
284-5Kent v Northamptonshire2001a13698
284-6Warwickshire v Kent1985a4575
284Kent v Indians2002a14366
283-4Kent v Essex1988a5637
283-6Warwickshire v Kent2009a19955
282-3Sussex v Kent2002a14248
282-6Essex v Kent2006a17482
282-7Essex v Kent1988a5637
282-7Kent v Middlesex1993a8093
281-6Pakistanis v Kent1992a7539
281-6Kent v Essex2006a17482
280-6Kent v Somerset1995a9194
279-5Northamptonshire v Kent1987a5278
278-7Kent v Lancashire1979a2485
275-7Kent v Northamptonshire1987a5278
274-6Surrey v Kent1986a4809
272-5Warwickshire v Kent1989a6135
272-5South Africa v Zimbabwe2003a15181
270-4Kent v Nottinghamshire1983a3717
270-5Kent v Worcestershire1987a5214
270-6Kent v Surrey1986a4809
268-4Kent v Sussex1977a1951
268-7Gloucestershire v Kent1990a6532
267-7Kent v Warwickshire2003a15326
266-5Kent v Minor Counties1987a5193
266-7Kent v Devon1992a7617
265-8Kent v Warwickshire1990a6521
265-9Kent v Surrey2001a13459
264-5Sussex v Kent1977a1951
264-5Leicestershire v Kent1993a8161
264-6Kent v Durham1994a8766
264-8Kent v Middlesex2011a21467
264Surrey v Kent2001a13459
263-8Somerset v Kent2001a13614
263Indians v Kent2002a14366
263Middlesex v Kent2011a21467
262-7Hampshire v Kent Cricket Board1999a12000
261-6Surrey v Kent1998a11153
260-9Lancashire v Kent1979a2485
260-9Kent v Surrey1998a11153
259-4Kent v Scotland2005a16815
259-8Sri Lanka A v Kent2007a18291
258-4Kent v West Indies A2002a14364
258-4Kent v Middlesex2009a19874
258-7Leicestershire v Kent1997a10616
258-8Middlesex v Kent1986a4841
258-9Northamptonshire v Kent2001a13698
257-6West Indies A v Kent2002a14364
256-4Zimbabwe v West Indies2000a12836
255-4Kent v Glamorgan1980a2763
254-4Kent v Leicestershire2003a15063
254-4Australia v Bangladesh2005a16683
254-7Yorkshire v Kent2011a21349
254-9Essex v Kent2003a15225
254-9Kent v Essex2003a15225
253-9Kent v Warwickshire1985a4575
251-5Lancashire v Kent1986a4947
251-8Kent v Warwickshire1983a3787
251-9Kent v Somerset2009a19802
250-6Glamorgan v Kent2004a16031
250-8Bangladesh v Australia2005a16683
250-9Kent v Middlesex1995a9259
250-9Kent v Somerset1995a9275



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