Fielding in Lancashire County League Walkden Cup 2009 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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J Bond (Stand)2347
MSM Wake (DSL)4134
Zubair Ahmed (CH)2044
LM Dale (DW)43 3
J McAllister (DW)43 3
G Tuson (Ws)23 3
A Wilson (Gl)13 3
SDJ Allen (DSL)32 2
SP Bates (Gl)12 2
PA Bradley (Pres)32 2
S Dublin (DSL)42 2
OJ Holt (Pres)22 2
MDG Mayne (Duk)12 2
D Morrell (DSL)32 2
J Quinn (Irl)12 2
JC Remers (DSL)32 2
GRC Senior (DW)32 2
P Turner (DW)42 2
JRJ Walters (Pres)22 2
JN Williams (DW)3112
GN Barnes (Pres)31 1
MP Berry (DW)41 1
M Cassidy (Ws)21 1
SC Catterall (Stand)21 1
S Clarke (Ws)11 1
G Cole (DSL)21 1
AP Dalugoda (Pres)31 1
J Foreman (DW)21 1
Ghulam Abbas (DSL)41 1
AJ Hawley (DSL)41 1
ST Holden (Pres)31 1
ME Hudson (Pres)21 1
Imran Rather (CH)21 1
M Kay (Wk)11 1
PSH Kyle (Pres)31 1
G Lister (FF)1011
JA Maurice-Scott (DSL)41 1
A Micklethwaite (Tho)11 1
AP O'Brien (DW)41 1
LTI O'Brien (Pres)11 1
SC Oddy (FF)11 1
SD Payne (Irl)11 1
WMB Perera (Gl)21 1
Sajjad Ahmed (Irl)11 1
DS Sloan (Ws)21 1
JR Stopford (Gl)11 1
JP Stringer (DW)41 1
P Sutcliffe (Ws)21 1
K Taylor (Irl)11 1
CM Thomas (Pres)31 1
D Yates (Irl)11 1







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