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Teams John Glendenen played for

Main FCDurham (England) (1992-1993)
Main ListADurham (England) (1989-1993)
 Cumberland (England) (1999-2000)
Minor Counties ChampionshipDurham (England) (1988-1991)
 Cumberland (England) (1999-2000)
Minor Counties TrophyDurham (England) (1989-1990)
 Cumberland (England) (1999-2001)
Second Eleven ChampionshipYorkshire Second XI (1983-1986)
 Gloucestershire Second XI (1988)
 Somerset Second XI (1989)
 Durham Second XI (1992-1993)
Second Eleven TrophyDurham Second XI (1992-1993)
Warwick Pool Under 25Yorkshire Under-25s (1983-1985)
North Yorkshire and South Durham Premier LeagueMarton (2012-2014)
County ChampionshipDurham (England) (1992-1993)
MiscellaneousYorkshire Cricket Association Under-19s (1983)
 National Association of Young Cricketers North (1983)
 National Association of Young Cricketers (1984)
 National Cricket Association Young Cricketers (1984)
 Durham Second XI (1988-1993)
 North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League (1988-1989)
 Durham (England) (1989-1993)
 Marton (2007-2012)
 Marton Second XI (2012)


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