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Teams Jonathan Lewis played for

Main FCEssex (England) (1990-1996)
 Durham (England) (1997-2006)
Main ListAEssex (England) (1991-1996)
 Durham (England) (1997-2006)
Main Twenty20Durham (England) (2003-2004)
Other FCFirst-Class Counties Select XI (1997)
Second Eleven ChampionshipGloucestershire Second XI (1989)
 Essex Second XI (1989-1996)
 Durham Second XI (1998-2009)
Second Eleven TrophyDerbyshire Second XI (1989)
 Essex Second XI (1990-1996)
 Durham Second XI (2005-2006)
County ChampionshipEssex (England) (1990-1996)
 Durham (England) (1997-2006)
MiscellaneousEnglish Schools Cricket Association South (1988)
 Marylebone Cricket Club Schools (1988)
 National Cricket Association Young Cricketers (1988)
 English Schools Cricket Association (1988)
 National Association of Young Cricketers South (1989)
 National Association of Young Cricketers (1989)
 Essex Second XI (1990-1996)
 Essex (England) (1992-1995)
 Durham (England) (1997-2006)
 Durham Second XI (1998)
 Marylebone Cricket Club (2013)


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