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Teams Gordon Williamson played for

Main FCNorthamptonshire (1959-1962)
Main ListADurham (England) (1964-1968)
Other FCCombined Services (England) (1958)
Minor Counties ChampionshipDurham (England) (1954-1969)
 Cheshire (1974)
 Northamptonshire Second XI (1958-1959)
Second Eleven ChampionshipNorthamptonshire Second XI (1959-1962)
County ChampionshipNorthamptonshire (1959-1962)
MiscellaneousDurham County Juniors (1951-1954)
 Durham County Schoolboys (1952-1953)
 Durham (England) (1953-1968)
 Army (England) (1957-1958)
 Northamptonshire Second XI (1960)
 Northamptonshire (1962)
 Bishop Auckland (1964-1968)
 North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League (1968)


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