First-class Bowling for Derbyshire in 2012 County Championship

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PM Borrington6020    
JL Clare122740642306-4021.40 21
WJ Durston105325569225-3425.86 10
MHA Footitt5422024093-4326.66 00
TD Groenewald2398891086425-2925.85 10
MJ Guptill18060    
MS Lineker12020    
WL Madsen6010    
AP Palladino28421001352567-5324.14 30
DJ Redfern722470    
ML Turner72512498133-5338.30 00
Usman Khawaja120130    
DJ Wainwright31671361380446-3331.36 30
RA Whiteley97923658202-632.90 00

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