First-class Bowling for Derbyshire in 1974 County Championship

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AJ Harvey-Walker180710811-16108.00 00
M Hendrick167172637345-1318.73 10
G Miller197477883405-8822.07 10
LG Rowe16678411-2284.00 00
PE Russell29911351237385-7532.55 10
K Stevenson88412586164-12736.62 00
FW Swarbrook22611231014184-5156.33 00
RS Swindell8415822-4029.00 00
RW Taylor18090    
CJ Tunnicliffe4381223811-15238.00 00
S Venkataraghavan186861953317-10230.74 20
A Ward2146721092487-4222.75 51

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