First-class Bowling for Derbyshire in 1971 County Championship

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AJ Borrington6070    
L Bradbury9025311-5353.00 00
IR Buxton186299792223-5536.00 00
TJP Eyre145745751203-3037.55 00
M Hendrick136251624194-4432.84 00
MH Page121211-02.00 00
PE Russell35531861646584-3128.37 00
E Smith187091934235-6440.60 10
FW Swarbrook34431681673545-5530.98 10
A Ward29001001475574-4725.87 00
D Wilde3851323473-7633.42 00
CP Wilkins74420432103-5143.20 00

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