First-class Bowling for Derbyshire in 1963 County Championship

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IR Buxton210695932193-5449.05 00
DB Carr9525711-557.00 00
RT de Ville156114122-4770.50 00
JR Eyre360330    
TJP Eyre5981135252-5670.40 00
AB Jackson34721361468544-2427.18 00
HL Jackson43652281413636-6622.42 30
HL Johnson5022711-227.00 00
C Lee482360    
D Millner120120    
DC Morgan31011711284464-4627.91 00
WF Oates542360    
HJ Rhodes37321511490626-2224.03 21
GW Richardson4441817273-3524.57 00
E Smith31081511452324-6445.37 00

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