First-class Bowling for Derbyshire in 1961

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GA Beet4824211-4242.00 00
R Berry1440104476173-1228.00 00
IR Buxton45932791761836-8021.21 41
DB Carr116041643193-3733.84 00
TJP Eyre163462805365-4022.36 20
I Gibson120130    
IW Hall18150    
HL Jackson47563001490796-1518.86 61
HL Johnson2422411-024.00 00
C Lee68435262112-923.81 00
D Millner240150    
DC Morgan44732351821655-4028.01 10
WF Oates13896321-031.50 00
HJ Rhodes585727421181087-7419.61 50
GW Richardson4441423952-5547.80 00
E Smith37052181482465-4132.21 20
R Swallow6100    

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