First-class Bowling for Derbyshire in 1958

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FC Brailsford121211-22.00 00
DB Carr97728539205-4826.95 10
C Gladwin489429817961177-2815.35 81
DJ Green6100    
D Hall192156911-2369.00 00
A Hamer3001622-138.00 00
HL Jackson452028213631357-1810.09 163
HL Johnson611540    
JM Kelly18190    
C Lee10435321-826.50 00
KF Mohan12090    
DC Morgan37192271291676-3619.26 40
HJ Rhodes33191401315715-3518.52 20
E Smith38182111521546-7028.16 20
G Wyatt6020    

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