First-class Bowling for Derbyshire in 1956

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GA Beet9685811-5858.00 00
DB Carr130953720213-2834.28 00
GO Dawkes10060    
JB Furniss330821873-5231.14 00
C Gladwin553132720141048-6419.36 71
D Hall83621396113-6136.00 00
A Hamer222128011-580.00 00
HL Jackson567425721321227-4117.47 72
HL Johnson120120    
JM Kelly18090    
C Lee12140    
DC Morgan28591441173385-5030.86 10
AC Revill480470    
HJ Rhodes44919165105-5216.50 10
E Smith37431841641557-5829.83 21
GL Willatt6050    

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