First-class Bowling for Derbyshire in 1955

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DB Carr199786974437-5322.65 10
R Carter13267932-2426.33 00
GO Dawkes6090    
A Eato258615642-2039.00 00
JB Furniss1025410    
C Gladwin661041921811427-1615.35 71
D Hall126142634244-5726.41 00
A Hamer236129111-1291.00 00
HL Jackson2815153914646-4014.28 40
HL Johnson7945233-3017.33 00
JM Kelly6652511-2125.00 00
C Lee784290    
DC Morgan39261731774615-4129.08 10
AC Revill80839381132-1129.30 00
HJ Rhodes6312132296-8635.77 10
E Smith527032018541059-4617.65 71

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