First-class Bowling for Derbyshire in 1951 County Championship

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DB Carr314920083-2225.00 00
A Eato84027394135-1430.30 10
C Gladwin578628021921238-4017.82 114
TA Hall177858773355-5722.08 10
A Hamer152676626132-748.15 00
HL Jackson35801531379725-2919.15 40
JM Kelly6020    
DC Morgan2311881044416-9325.46 10
AC Revill219513431-1044.66 00
AEG Rhodes49182192212687-5632.52 40
BH Richardson5282622961-738.16 00
E Smith3019167108-2116.70 10
GL Willatt180200    

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