First-class Bowling for Derbyshire in 1950 County Championship

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TR Armstrong1265560    
DB Carr224611044-5427.50 00
WH Copson264129722-5548.50 00
A Eato840600    
CS Elliott120210    
C Gladwin39671951406777-7318.25 41
TA Hall159336884325-6027.62 10
A Hamer47314209154-2713.93 00
HL Jackson42131811726896-3719.39 82
HL Johnson3602611-1126.00 00
DC Morgan35831251751634-5227.79 00
AC Revill481240    
AEG Rhodes620632825761146-6922.59 51
BH Richardson126456562214-3926.76 00
D Smith342170    
P Vaulkhard421360    

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