First-class Bowling for Derbyshire in 1949 County Championship

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TR Armstrong10863432-1511.33 00
DB Carr4041624886-11131.00 10
WH Copson36501401686635-2326.76 30
CS Elliott6100    
C Gladwin549626722101108-7220.09 71
TA Hall904550    
HL Jackson49852022017987-5120.58 60
HL Johnson4981229743-6374.25 00
FE Marsh7323632031-7106.66 00
AC Revill242110    
AEG Rhodes46811292462657-11437.87 20
J Rimmer261317542-7143.75 00
DA Skinner234218221-4191.00 00
D Smith251120    
AF Townsend24190    

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