First-class Bowling for Derbyshire in 1928 County Championship

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J Bowden18240    
NM Ford3604311-1943.00 00
CKH Hill-Wood132945673215-7632.04 10
DJCH Hill-Wood4832311-2223.00 00
JM Hutchinson10527621-038.00 00
GR Jackson1801011-1010.00 00
GM Lee38311591534596-4426.00 40
TB Mitchell170177742173-4243.64 00
W Shardlow3481313232-1244.00 00
AG Slater41712301451507-4029.02 30
D Smith5713521-717.50 00
H Storer136547601163-1437.56 00
CF Tate3181811222-956.00 00
LF Townsend58822982070878-4823.79 42
TS Worthington43441961657628-4126.72 31

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