First-class Bowling for Derbyshire in 1911 County Championship

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FA Barber174210511-42105.00 00
N Buxton180140    
SWA Cadman35211381605415-13339.14 20
J Chapman661550    
CJ Corbett422220    
T Forrester32741151580626-3025.48 51
A Morton171852836279-7130.96 11
EC Murray8824011-1640.00 00
L Oliver14431150    
RB Rickman780950    
CF Root102327586144-7241.85 00
R Sale11618231-727.33 00
AG Slater50215249113-2822.63 00
A Warren40561112022797-6125.59 82
A Wickstead6020    
AJ Wood480480    

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