First-class Bowling for Derbyshire in 1910

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FC Bracey330516842-2742.00 00
SWA Cadman36631461586676-8023.67 20
J Chapman6080    
G Curgenven240170    
T Forrester4081918464-730.66 00
G Grainger542300    
J Handford360310    
TA Higson5814221-021.00 00
SM Holden963390    
AE Lawton300210    
C Lowe9704811-3748.00 00
A Morton570021226301168-11722.67 103
E Needham540290    
CN Newcombe721320    
FA Newton120210    
L Oliver12617932-2026.33 00
RB Rickman4321024372-3034.71 00
CF Root220910252-3920.40 00
R Sale720540    
A Warren45211272392858-15228.14 71

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