First-class Bowling for Derbyshire in 1909

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W Bestwick38561631704756-8822.72 10
FC Bracey68123336133-5625.84 00
SWA Cadman2381120931303-1431.03 00
J Chapman240290    
G Curgenven264131030    
SP Dickinson7824511-3845.00 00
G Grainger17487011-6270.00 00
TA Higson10833722-3718.50 00
ST Langton782420    
AE Lawton150410311-35103.00 00
C Lowe240220    
A Morton27791041255536-3823.67 50
E Needham12170    
CE Nornable12727253-2414.40 00
RB Rickman41413277125-8023.08 10
R Sale234510922-2554.50 00
A Warren41341322203996-8622.25 81
LG Wright2070    

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